‘Letter to Jews’, which Kerry cited, appears to be fake… Perps are right wing Ukrainian jewish Youth

Many of the Main Stream Media have reported on this, and have kept it hyped, but the truth is that a handful of Jewish Radicals were responsible. This Phenomena is because the repeated tales of the Holocaust leave the younger Jewish folks with a sort of lower ranking in the hierarchy of the Judaic Mystification of the Holocaust.

Converts and younger Jewish people often engage in this type of false flag white lie. It serves to uplift them among their peers, perpetuates the mindset of the victim, makes new converts feel more accepred among their Jewish peers, and magnifies the importance of Pointing out what is perceived as anti Semitic.

This kind of influence does have down sides, and can potentially escalate issues surrounding Jewish Communities. It is a form of manipulation, and puts the real Jews , suffering real indignities in a jaded light.

Full Story Here: http://rt.com/news/fake-news-ukraine-russia-364/

Another George Soros attack on the Bible – attempting to make biblical truth an international crime


I am not a Christian, But it is clear to me that Christianity is under attack from Muslim and Zionist Enclaves and our own Government. Wake Up America, Your Christian Culture is being hijacked and decimated by Foriegn Religion and Governments. Please Stand Up for your Christian Culture and American belief systems. Stand for freedom and the Constitution.

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Criticize ‘gays,’ get sued for ‘crime against humanity’ – Judge: ‘Premature’ to say pastor’s biblical perspective protected by First Amendment
April 19, 2014 Bob Unruh

What could be more boring to Americans than the latest news about a lawsuit brought by a group of political activists in Uganda? Especially since the case is currently in the mind-numbingly boring stage of endless interrogatories and depositions?

But this is no ordinary case.

The defendant, Pastor Scott Lively of Abiding Truth Ministries, says Americans need to be paying very close attention, because the outcome could well set a new precedent – that an international agenda based on anti-biblical standards could trump the U.S. Constitution’s freedom of speech and religion.

While the case’s current back-and-forth questions and answers will last another year, during which time an appellate court could intervene, Lively told WND the dispute is over whether a pastor can publicly criticize behavior…

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VIDEO Gov’t should enable you…not Enslave you

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Lamar Alexander Touts Newt’s ‘Breakout’ in Weekly Address
April 19, 2014 By Sandy Fitzgerald

Government should enable Americans to succeed, not pass mandates to control them, Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander says in this week’s GOP address, citing a tech expert quoted in Newt Gingrich’s new book saying that government should follow the example of Apple’s philosophy for its iPhone.

“Just imagine if instead of mandating things for you to do, your government became a platform, just like your iPhone, enabling you to create a happier, safer, more prosperous life,” Alexander said Saturday.

Gingrich, in his new book “Breakout,” quoted tech expert Tim O’Reilly, saying that “The best way for government to operate is to figure out what kinds of things are enablers of society and then make investments in those things. The same way that Apple figured out, ‘If we turn the iPhone into a platform, outside developers will…

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Earth Could be Days Away From an Extinction Level Event.. Yellowstone Unrest, Earth Crust Displacement

4/16/2014 — Yellowstone Unrest — USGS installs new seismometers to monitor — Pros say to PREPARE

Live Video: Wyoming Landslide Rips House In Two and Raises Ground 10 Feet!

Animals flee Yellowstone area;

Buffalo Yellowstone, Wyoming

Wyoming Evacuation” Jackson Officials to Allow Some To Return Home After Fisher Opens Up




Ukrainian Jews Request Additional Security After Notice To Register Handed Out


This was proven to be a false flag, The documents were distributed by Jewish Radicals trying to stir up Holocaust Fears.

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Photo: Twitter
April 19, 2014

The flyer reportedly distributed on Passover to Jews in eastern Ukraine, calling on Jews to register with authorities or be deported.

Bloomberg – The Jewish community of the east Ukrainian city of Donetsk asked for additional police protection after anti-Semitic pamphlets were distributed in the region, where the government has been battling separatists.

“Someone tried to use the Jewish community as an instrument of this conflict,” Chief Rabbi Pinchas Vyshedski told reporters in Donetsk today, adding that he asked for added security at Jewish cultural centers. “They haven’t done it yet because are too busy” dealing with other developments in the city, Vyshedski said. In a statement yesterday he said the incident “smells like provocation.”


Ukrainian Jews Seek Extra Security After Anti-Semitic Incident
Apr 18, 2014 By Stepan Kravchenko

The Jewish community of the east Ukrainian city of Donetsk asked for additional police…

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American Citizens Mull impeaching the Senate , Congress and Current President

Americans are fed up with the Bull Shit, Americans are not terrorist and don’t appreciate being labeled as such.

Zionist owned and Operated ” Department of Homeland Security ” is making matters worse by insinuating that all Americans should be watched, especially their children.

The American People are watching the Corrupt Government for any sign of sanity, So far it eludes them.