3 Stories from China State News, That you will want to read and pay attention to. Hint ” US Future “

China, typically a politically laid back actor, is about to flex its Muscles, and you can bet your sweet ass the Russians and Cubans are going to create a situation that will Isolate the United States, and further undermine our economies, create atmospheres of tension … and so on.

Pay back is a bitch, we all know it. Our So called leaders have led us to this position, Indeed they have led the world to this situation we find ourselves in. The coming troubles can be , and should be laid directly at their feet. It is us however, that will suffer the most.

I actually can not blame the Russians and Chinese for taking some steps to protect themselves from our risks, and our association with Israel, Which China views as an extreme political risk, and so do the Russians. Action speaks louder than words, and action is coming slowly, just like the hand of Justice.

ATA …  ” Check These 3 China State Media releases ” Make me a lier !!!


Chinese, Cuban leaders pledge staunch friendship, reciprocal cooperation

HAVANA, July 22 (Xinhua) — Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping and Cuban leader Raul Castro pledged here Tuesday that the two countries will be long-term, staunch friends and partners for reciprocal cooperation.

“We will resolutely deepen our friendship and treat each other with all sincerity, carry out mutually beneficial cooperation and forge our partnership in reform and development,” Xi said during talks with Castro, president of Cuba’s Council of State and the Council of Ministers.

“China cherishes the traditional friendship between the two nations. No matter how the international situation changes, it will be a set policy of China to develop a long-term friendship with Cuba,” Xi noted.




Putin warns of attempts to destabilize Russia

MOSCOW, July 22 (Xinhua) — Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that his country currently does not see any military threat to its sovereignty and territorial integrity, but that the country faces economic pressure.

Speaking at a National Security Council meeting, Putin warned that although there was no direct military threat to the Russian sovereignty, there were international attempts to destabilize the country.

“The language of sanction has currently been used more often, and the very definition of the state sovereignty has been diluted,” the RIA Novosti news agency quoted Putin as saying.

Putin added that there were attempts to destabilize the independently thinking governments using various means, including state coups.

He also said Moscow saw clear signs of NATO beefing up its presence in eastern Europe, warning that Russia will adequately and proportionally react to the “demonstrative” activity.

Putin stressed that the Russian government must consider taking extra measures to protect the economy from external political risks.

“I think that we should think of additional steps to decrease the dependency of national economy and financial system on unfavorable external factors, not only the instability of global markets but also possible political risks,” Putin said.


Chinese president visits Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro

HAVANA, July 22 (Xinhua) — Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro here Tuesday and the two exchanged views on bilateral ties, the international situation and other issues of common concern.

Xi said that his state visit to Cuba is aimed at inheriting and carrying forward the traditional friendship between the two countries jointly built by Castro and the older generations of Chinese leaders, so as to inject new impetus into bilateral cooperation.

He recalled the meeting with Castro in 2011 when he visited Cuba, saying he is very pleased to see the Cuban leader in good health now.

“You are the founder of the causes of Cuban revolution and construction and also of the China-Cuba relationship,” Xi said.

“You are deeply admired by the Cuban people and have also won the respect of the Chinese people. We will never forget the significant contributions you have made to the bilateral relationship,” he said.

Xi briefed Castro on his Latin America tour, including the sixth BRICS summit and his meeting with Latin American and Caribbean leaders in Brazil.

Castro, for his part, said he cherishes the memory of his friendly exchanges with China and believes the bilateral relations will yield more fruitful results under the guidance of President Xi and the Cuban leaders.

The international landscape is changing profoundly, and the rise of emerging markets and developing countries will have a significant and far-reaching impact on the world, said Castro.

The development of China, a great nation, is set to play a significant role in promoting world peace and development, he said.




Seven German family members killed in Gaza …#NEVER FORGET THE PALESTINIAN HOLOCAUST

Ibrahim Kilani, his wife Taghrid , 47, and their children five children, aged between four and 12, died during the raid, Palestinian medical services said on Tuesday. 

At least three other people in the Kilanis’ building were killed and dozens more injured when the upper floor of a tower was hit, according to reports. The target of the attack remains unclear.

“Due to several indications, we must assume that this family is among the dead,” said a spokesman from the German Foreign Office on Tuesday afternoon in Berlin. Deaths of German citizens abroad are only officially confirmed when an official or diplomat has seen the bodies.

More than 580 people have been killed so far in the fighting. 

The Kilanis lived in the north-west of Gaza, but had moved to the centre of Gaza City before the air strikes in response to an Israeli evacuation request.

Read full article here: http://www.thelocal.de/20140722/german-family-of-seven-killed-in-gaza-city-air-raid


VIDEO New World Disorder – MH17 Social Media ‘Evidence’ – ‘Evidence’ Against Russia Debunked – Air Traffic Control Censor


We know who did it, and we know how to prosecute them. Western backed Facsist and Crypto Jews did the deed. There will be hell to pay, and hells coming with him.

Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic:

-New World Disorder: Emerging Division Between East And West Threatens To Plunge The Globe Into Chaos
-U.S. Admits Its MH17 ‘Evidence’ is Based on YouTube Clips & Social Media Posts
-Key Piece of Video “Evidence” for Russian Responsibility for Malaysian Plane Shootdown Debunked
-Kiev Censors MH17 Air Traffic Control Recordings
-Establishment media criticizes Ron Paul for failing to attack Russia

In general, over the last several decades the world has experienced an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity
New World Disorder: Emerging Division Between East And West Threatens To Plunge The Globe Into Chaos
July 22, 2014 by Michael Snyder | Economic Collapse |

In general, over the last several decades the world has experienced an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity. The opening up of relations with China and the “end of the Cold War” resulted in an extended period of cooperation between east and west that was truly…

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Landmark California Meeting to Halt Covert Climate Geoengineering



dane-wigington-mug-bOn July 15th, 2014, citizens from Northern California rallied to create the largest attendance ever at the Shasta County Supervisors chambers.

Board chariman, Les Baugh confirmed a landmark record attendance of citizens who filled all the seats with many standing outside to comply with maximum capacity regulations issued by the fire marshal.

Expert witnesses and citizens presented information to demonstrate dire heavy metal contamination and UV radiation issues across Shasta County that extends across North and South American  to every continent on the planet.

A list of 10 experts presented data and lab analyses to the board confirming the legitimacy of these concerns.

At the end of the three hour meeting, the board voted unanimously to have designated Shasta county staff investigate the contamination and passed resolutions accordingly.

The video below documents the events of this landmark day in the fight to expose the covert crime of global geoengineering – a program that is destroying the ozone layer to produce a votex of climate chaos.

YouTube – Veterans Today -


The Sandy Hook “Smoking Gun”: Game, Set, Match!


The Sandy Hook Hoax “Smoking Gun”: Game, Set, Match!


by Jim Fetzer (with Dan Cady )

BREAKING NEWS! A photograph of the photographer taking the photograph proves that it was a drill.

Shannon Hicks receives NENPA award for staged photograph

During a debate about Sandy Hook with someone who refused to identify himself other than as “Count One”, I was repeatedly challenged to produce extraordinary evidence.

He repeated and repeated the refrain, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof!” But the evidence I was producing, time after time, was extraordinary and met that standard.

The most extraordinary is that the “iconic” photograph taken by Shannon Hicks for which she was named “Photographer of the Year” was actually taken a month and two days before the fake shooting!

This case abounds with extraordinary proof that has been published in “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an elaborate Hoax”, “Sandy Hook Elementary School: Closed in 2008, a stage in 2012″ and “The Newtown School Board meeting and the meaning of silence”, including, for example:

* that the final report from Connecticut authorities does not included the names, the ages or the sex of the alleged victims of the shooting: THAT IS EXTRAORDINARY!

* that the Clerk of Newtown entered into secret negotiations with the state legislature to avoid releasing their death certifications: THAT IS EXTRAORDINARY! 

* that the Connecticut State Attorney General opposed the release of the 911 calls and had to be denied withholding them by courts: THAT IS EXTRAORDINARY!

* that a special panel of the state legislature recommended state employees who released information about Sandy Hook be subject to an E-felony: THAT IS EXTRAORDINARY!

* that those who were involved in the demolition of the school building itself were required to sign life-time gag orders about anything they saw or did not see: THAT IS EXTRAORDINARY!

What good reason could there possibly be to withhold the names, ages and sex of the deceased from the final reports about this child massacre? The claim was made that it was to spare the feelings of their parents, but think about it: their parents already knew they were dead!

More “extraordinary proof”

Other examples are equally fascinating and constitute even more proof that meets that standard are to be found in “Wolfgang Halbig heads for Newtown and the truth about Sandy Hook”,  “Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died” and “Wolfgang Halbig: 11,000 page Sandy Hook script/CT state police gave false affidavits”, which effortlessly satisfy the standard of “extraordinary proof for extraordinary claims”:

* the school had some 626 students, which means there should have been 600 evacuated from the school, but you can search in vain: they aren’t there: THAT IS EXTRAORDINARY!

* The Newtown Bee published an interview with the school principal, Dawn Hochsprung, during the shooting itself, but she was officially already dead: THAT IS EXTRAORDINARY!

* the FBI report on the shooting, which was commissioned by President Obama, has been massively redacted, rendering it virtually unintelligible: THAT IS EXTRAORDINARY!

* Paul Preston, a school safety expert, received confirmation from several contacts in the Department of Education that it had been a drill and no one had died: THAT IS EXTRAORDINARY!

* two CT State Troopers have confirmed to Wolfgang Halbig that 11,000 pages he has in hand was actually “the script” for the Sandy Hook event: THAT IS EXTRAORDINARY!

And, as Tony Mead has reported in “Sandy Hook’s Disappearing Witnesses”, a stunning number of key players in this case, including the Connecticut State Police Commander, the State Police Commissioner, the Western Connecticut State Police Commander and the State Medical Examiner, among others, have been taken out of play either by retirement or death. THAT IS EXTRAORDINARY! And there is much, much more!

The “most extraordinary proof”

In the face of abundant “extraordinary proof”, which I presented during our debate, Count One challenged its authenticity across the board. Since we have documented it from publicly available sources, it constitutes (what is known as) a prime facie case, which is entitled to be accepted as true absent any rebuttal, which Count One made no effort to provide. It was a debating stunt that no one should take seriously. It was a verbal charade.

Perhaps the most extraordinary proof, however, is the “iconic” photograph that was taken by Shannon Hicks, Associate Editor of The Newtown Bee, which Dennis Cimino and I have subjected to an extensive and detailed analysis. It is the only photo we have seen of any children being evacuated from the school:

Photo attributed to Shannon Hicks

Hicks reportedly took this photo “as an associate editor” and then, when another editor arrived, “changed into her firefighting gear and tried to help.” The account was promoted by NPR. Rather to our astonishment, Dan Cady, “The Sun and Sandy Hook”, had established the fact of the matter on 14 January 2013, more than a year-and-a-half prior to our efforts.

He has established that the Shannon Hicks’ photograph was taken at 9:45 AM on 12 November 2012, over a month before Sandy Hook. For the details of his calculation of the specific date and time, check out the article cited above. Most readers, however, are going to be dumbfounded that he actually published a photograph of the photographer taking the photograph as follows:

Photographer taking the photo

There was no emergency in progress, the people behind Hicks are all clearly part of a DRILL by their body language and furthermore the conga line sequence is now without the girl in the front, meaning that her claim she just took the photo is absurd because they STAGED MANY SHOTS and THEN SELECTED THE ONE THEY THOUGHT WAS BEST after compelling one of the kids to make an odd face, where close examination of the kids suggests that they were no more threatened than they would be at McDonald’s waiting for a milkshake.

This photograph not only proves that the “iconic” Shannon Hicks’ photograph was staged but that the entire episode–the alleged shooting at the school–about which so many have published so much was indeed an elaborately fabricated event in which no children died, which appears to have been done to promote the anti-gun agenda of the administration, which makes this a terrorist act.

Taken at 945 AM, 12 November 2012

This photo is “the smoking gun” that proves that Eric Holder and Barack Obama have in fact committed treason in that they have staged hoaxes for the purpose of DISARMING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE–and they do not have that right insofar as they both took an oath to UPHOLD AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION FROM ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. Ironically, they have now solidly identified themselves as TROJAN HORSES inside the gates, betraying the Oath they both took but have blatantly violated.

As I have explained many places, including “Sandy Hook: My pick of the ‘top ten’ articles/videos/interviews”, which includes (now Attorney General) Eric Holder’s presentation to a Democratic Women’s National Conference in 1995 stating that the public needs to be “brainwashed” against guns. This event was fabricated to instill fear into the public to make it more amenable to political manipulation, which is the very definition of a “terrorist act”.

What does it mean?

The best question Count One raised during out debate was to ask why so many members of the community would participate in a staged event and cover it up? The answer, I believe, is that Connecticut is a strongly anti-gun state and that there are many do-gooders who believed that the country had to be “wakened up” about the dangers of having so many weapons available to the public. Since it would be a staged event and no one would actually die, it may have seen irresistible, especially when it received support from the Attorney General of the United States on behalf of the President himself.

Indeed, the chain of command appears to extent from the President to the Attorney General to the Connecticut State Police, the Newtown Police Department, the Newtown trustees and the Newtown School Board, are any of them vulnerable to prosecution? Dan Cady has identified E. Patricia Llodra, the Mayor of Newtown, and William Halstead, FEMA Incident Commander, as #1 and #2 on his list of responsible agents. But could they possibly be indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced to significant terms in prison?

Because the events that happened in Sandy Hook were not real but staged, the legal status of the situation is more complex than one might initially suppose. TV performance. Cady believes that a staged TV performance might actually be legal under Federal Law. “And if this is the case,” he remarks, then nothing illegal did happen, and people just believed what they saw on TV.” But millions of dollars have been contributed on behalf of the families of the alleged victims of Sandy Hook, which suggests that they may all be eligible for indictment under RICO statutes of the United States.

This nation has never seen anything like this before. As I have observed, it is bigger than Watergate! In ordinary times, under the rule of law, many of our highest federal officials, as well as those of Connecticut, would be subject to impeachment or prosecution for violation of the law. But we have long since become a nation under the rule of men, not of laws, and all bets are off. I have written to the NENPA to request that they investigate the authenticity of Shannon Hicks’ “iconic” photograph, but it remains to be seen if even this professional newspaper organization has the integrity to admit its mistake and rescind the honors it has bestowed upon an unworthy recipient.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

AIPAC Is the Only Explanation for America’s Morally Bankrupt Israel Policy

The official name for Israel’s latest assault on Gaza is “Operation Protective Edge.” A better name would be “Operation Déjà Vu.” As it has on several prior occasions, Israel is using weapons provided by U.S. taxpayers to bombard the captive and impoverished Palestinians in Gaza, where the death toll now exceeds 500. As usual, the U.S. government is siding with Israel, even though most American leaders understand Israel instigated the latest round of violence, is not acting with restraint, and that its actions make Washington look callous and hypocritical in the eyes of most of the world.

This Orwellian situation is eloquent testimony to the continued political clout of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and the other hardline elements of the Israel lobby. There is no other plausible explanation for the supine behavior of the U.S. Congress–including some of its most “progressive” members–or the shallow hypocrisy of the Obama administration, especially those officials known for their purported commitment to human rights.

Read full article here:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/stephen-m-walt/aipac-americas-israel-policy_b_5607883.html?utm_hp_ref=world

Alexei Sayle: “Israel is the Jimmy Savile of nation states”

Originally posted on Stop Making Sense:

From the Belfast Telegraph:

‘Alexei Sayle has fiercely condemned Israel’s air strikes in the Gaza Strip, by comparing the nation’s behaviour to that of prolific sex offender Jimmy Savile. The comedian’s comments were released after Israel resumed airstrikes in the Gaza Strip – killing one Palestinian civilian – after Hamas rejected a ceasefire plan and continued rocket attacks. 166 people in Gaza have died in the week-long offensive, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

“Israel is the Jimmy Savile of nation states,” Sayle said on Tuesday [July 15th] during an interview with Caabu (Council for Arab-British Understanding). “It clearly doesn’t care about damaging the lives of children,” he added, referring to the late entertainer.

Sayle also described Israel as a “teenager that’s never been given any boundaries. [Israel] is endlessly indulged by its doting parents, the West, and has become a psychopath as a result. It thinks that everybody else is in the wrong and…

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Israel and the Psychological Dynamics of Totalitarianism


This article explains the truth. Zionist Warmongers are the problem. The concept of a Super Jew race is a foul and offensive thought to humanity. Say no to Zionism, Say no to Warmongering.

Originally posted on Stop Making Sense:

Normal Pollack writes for CounterPunch:

‘Silence, in the face of extreme moral provocation, is not golden; it is cowardice, in this case, for a Jewish person deeply respectful of Judaism for its ethical principles and writings, its “home” to much of modern radicalism and social protest across religious, racial, ethnic lines in struggles on behalf of all humankind, the seat of devotion for his parents, to be silent NOW, is to be complicit in the degradation of one’s faith as Israel taking the name of the Jewish State and claiming to represent world Jewry commits wanton war crimes and atrocities—and has for some time—on a helpless, desperate, defenseless people who have been under the Iron Heel of occupation for decades. Palestinians face subjugation on a daily basis; I, and my fellow Jews, face the long-term desecration of our faith and, ultimately, separation from God. For what purpose? To what end?’

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