Magic mushrooms & LSD can cure depression – study

Shrooms make people laugh, LSD is a nice ride, but leaves one with a bad headache and lethargy the day after. the best combination of drugs is a trio… DextroAmphetamine 10 mg, Clonazapam .05 mg and 5 mg of Opiate. the Dextro AMP stimulates the frontal lobe, and the valium and opiate combo in a low dose gives one a feeling of well being and treats the anxiety sometimes associated with amphetamine. All these drugs are in and out in a few hours, can be stopped in a short period of time.All have been used to treat depression at some time in history. All are addictive and should be taken with the full knowledge. But that combo is cheap and effective, and relatively safe. EKG is recommended prior to regular use. Special Forces have been using this combination of drugs for decades.

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A new study reveals the similarity between the way our brain works while sleeping, and when we’re tripping on psychedelic drugs. What’s more, LSD and magic mushrooms could act as a cure from depression or boost creativity.

With the help of some hallucinogenic drugs and some willing volunteers – someone’s got to suffer for science – an international team of scientists from Germany, the UK and Argentina have published their experimental findings online in the ‘Human Brain Mapping’ journal Wednesday. The study reveals patterns similar to dreaming in the way human brain reacts to hallucinogenic mushrooms, as well as LSD.

The key ingredient of magic mushrooms is the psychedelic chemical psilocybin. Its mind-expanding effects have long attracted scientists’ attention, but it wasn’t until now that physical changes in the brain have been detected.

Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris from Imperial College, London, a co-author of the study, said he was“fascinated”

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