bloggers and activists from/in Gaza

In Gaza

Most who are following this latest, absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH SECURITY, massacre are looking for good sources from within Gaza. Here are some I am following and sharing:

Haidar Eid (independent political commentator, One Democratic State Group, Professor at al Aqsa University). His latest: Gaza: Signposts on the road to liberation      see also: URGENT CALL FROM GAZA CIVIL SOCIETY: ACT NOW!

Omar Ghraieb, blogger at Gaza: In The Eyes of The Beholder. His latest: Day 4 of Israeli aggression on Gaza: 124 killed, 925 injured

Awni Farhat, blogger at Awni Farhat. His latest: ‘Last night in Gaza – mourning my grandmother while the bombs fell’

Joe Catron, American activist and political commentator.  FB and Twitter.

Julie Webb-Pullman, New Zealand activist and blogger at Gaza Scoop. Her latest: Attacks on Al Wafa hospital: When moral capacity is absent, what then?

Rami Almeghari

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