Palestinian Holocaust explained .. The Israeli False Flag ” SOP “

Mossad Operatives… under control of the Netenyahu Regime, target 3 Jewish boys, one who is American. Netenyahu believes that America can be moved by False Flag attacks on innocents, and then blame so called terrorist;s. EG… 911, USS Liberty, Lavonne Affair and so on.

Israel is aware of the location of the Jewish Boys bodies for two weeks, but lets them lie there for the whole time, So that anti-Palestinian sentiment can arise , and the Jewish population can be manipulated. The Main Stream Media in America are all complicit in the narrative.

Jewish settlers burn a Palestinian teenager alive.

Israel launches attacks that are disproportionate, and the Palestinians Hamas responds with non affective rocket fire. Israel unleashes 1200 sorties in 6 days of bombing.  Updates to come!

The Palestinian Holocaust

Palestinian Holocaust



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