VIDEO La Raza Plan to Annex Southwest Exposed – Illegals Released In U.S. Given 3 Years Until Court Date

White and Black Americans will team up and drive the wetbacks out, and if I have anything to say, America will create a 20 mile dead zone on the border… on the Mexican side. A buffer zone, if you will. Protect our borders from evil terrorist from the Middle East such as ISIS, and Mossad.

Reclaim Our Republic

US Imigration and Importation
-Mexico, Guatemala fast-track delivery of illegals to U.S.
-Illegals Released In U.S. Given Three Years Until Court Date
-Ron Paul: Deliver Bus Loads Of Illegals To Hollywood Elites
-RUSH: Illegal Aliens Being Allowed To Fly On Airlines Without Valid ID
July 12, 2014 by Kit Daniels

Overwhelmed U.S. courts are giving illegal aliens up to three years to show up for immigration hearings after they’ve been released in the U.S. and the court dates will only increase further into the future.

The courts are buried under a massive backlog due to the sharp increase in illegal immigration according to the AP and considering that the 90% of illegals who miss their court dates are rarely prosecuted anyway, the U.S. has effectively established a de facto amnesty program which will only ensure that more illegal immigrants cross into America.

“For many immigrants, the delays in the court system work in their…

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