water crisis, health care crisis, bullying families out of their homes…Gaza now

May Israel always be remembered for the Palestinian Holocaust , May the Nation of Palestine be fully restored , May the House of Rothschild and its benefactors ” Zionist’s ” Be cursed and pursued for crimes against humanity, and the holocaust that they have inflicted upon the world.

In Gaza

from Awni Farhat: Palestinians in Northern Gaza evacuate home under threat of “Israeli” bombing, take shelter in schools

Awnir Farhat:

“Last night was horrific, they kept shelling nearby houses for the whole night. As soon as we saw the white line of dawn, we went directly to the Al Fakhoora school”, a woman from Beit Lahia said.

Thousands of Palestinians from the north of Gaza have evacuated their homes and fled to UNRWA schools and to the centre Jablaia refugee camp and Gaza city after warning calls from the IOF.

The death toll from the airstrikes on Gaza this week has risen to 176 Palestinians killed, including more than 25 children and 20 women, with more than 1100 injured.

The IOF has launched 2,480 air strikes, since the beginning of their most recent aggression against the Palestinian people of the Gaza Strip, Ashraf al-Qidra, a spokesman for the Gaza…

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