Impoverished Arizona Communities recieve bus loads of Illegals

The Impoverished Communities of Oracle and Camp Verde Arizona received their first bus loads of illegals today.

What is so outrageous is the fact that these communities are very poor. Since the economic collapse in 2008, Oracle and Camp Verde AZ have all but disappeared in terms of business. There is no work for these illegals, there is no extra food for them.

They were simply dropped off and left to their own to fend for themselves. 

The conditions: Hot and humid. Angry crowds protesting , Police presence while DHS releases these people with cash and food stamps.

I predict that these communities will relocate these people somewhere else. The Government has apparently chosen to release them into small towns, that have no means to support these illegals.

I would like to drop them off at John McCains Mansion in Sedona AZ.


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