VIDEO Canadian PM Did What MB Obama Didn’t Have The Guts To Do & Israeli Officials Defend Airstrikes

It really doesn’t take guts to bomb civilians inside of a Ghetto, It really doesn’t.

Reclaim Our Republic

This is how a real leader acts…
harper  obama
-Netanyahu, Israeli Officials Defend Airstrikes, Blast Hamas Terrorists
-Tea Party Candidate Takes On Obama Over Violence Against Israel
July 14, 2014 B. Christopher Agee

As Israeli soldiers defend their country from ongoing violence in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper offered support for the besieged nation. In an effort to combat the continuing attacks from Palestinian enemies, Israel’s army conducted a mission last week consisting of ground troops and air strikes that left at least 160 dead.

“The indiscriminate rocket attacks from Gaza on Israel are terrorist acts for which there is no justification,” he said in a recent statement.

The Canadian Press reports he went on to affirm that Hamas is “deliberately using human shields” as the terror group escalates violence in the region. Harper called on other nations to join him in coming to Israel’s defense.

“Failure by…

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