surreal: i sat on this stretch of beach where these Palestinian teens were murdered

Never Forget he Palestinian Holocaust !!!

In Gaza

Photo: why they killed 4 kids while playing on the beach!<br /><br />
Clearly a war crime ,but the world will go blind :(</p><br />

I, like many of the other 1.8  million Palestinians locked in Gaza, used to go to this very stretch of beach, to cool off in the unrelenting summer evenings, to change pace from the electricity-less cities, a daily given, a prime objective of the Zio siege on Gaza and its infrastructure.

I had long-ago read of Palestinians being murdered on Gaza’s beaches, though thankfully never saw that myself ( I saw various Zionist-inflicted murders, oh yes, over the three years I lived there, but never saw this particular sort of massacre in my time there).

Knowing very well the sense of desperation for both some sort of beauty and a break from the cruel siege on Gaza, as well as the Palestinian determination to LIVE in spite of all impossible odds, it is with great sadness that I read of the murder of yet more Palestinians, simply trying to EXIST…

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