Marking of Christians For Persecution Has Begun and is a Prelude to the Coming Antichrist

The War on Christianity is real. Though I am an Atheist” I can see it clearly. It is not just Muslims though, The Jewish religion also looks down on Christianity, and the Christian American Culture.

Reclaim Our Republic

July 18, 2014 By Walid Shoebat And Theodore Shoebat
(Shoebat Exclusive)

The situation for Christians in Iraq is dire and has become a prelude to what happened in Nazi Germany and today who in the West is talking about the marking of Christian homes in Iraq? No one.

The photos below are of Christian homes in the Arab district of Mosul Iraq that belongs to the Assyrian Christian community. The Islamic Caliphate placed boards on every Christian home with specific markings to identify Christians for the coming holocaust.

The black writing says “Property of the Islamic State” but the red spray paint is a specific mark. No it is not a smiley face but the Arabic letter “N” for Nusrani (Nazarene/Christian). Nazarene was actually the term Roman pagans, especially the Roman tyrant Julian the Apostate, used when referring to the ancient Christians. Now the Muslim pagans are using it today…

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