Sent worldwide, Shannon Hick’s “iconic” Sandy Hook photo was faked



Sent worldwide, Shannon Hick’s “iconic” Sandy Hook photo was faked


by Dennis Cimino with Jim Fetzer

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”–Mark Twain

New York Times runs Hicks' photo
Called “the iconic photograph” of the Sandy Hook school massacre and attributed to the Newtown Bee Associate Editor, Shannon Hicks,  it was transmitted around the world and created an indelible impression of police leading students to safety away from the crime scene.

According to TIME,  ”At 10:09 am, 10 minutes after she climbed out of her vehicle, she snapped the shutter on an elementary school class being led out of the school by two Connecticut State Police officers.

‘I knew that, coming out of the building — as terrified as they were — those children were safe,’ Hicks said, of the photograph soon to grace the front pages of newspapers, magazines, and nearly every breaking news website around the world. ‘I just felt that it was an important moment.’”

The only problem with this story is that it is false: the photo was taken at an earlier time.  It was staged, which means that Shannon Hicks and The Newtown Bee were complicit in the fraud, the full dimensions of which are becoming apparent.

A comment from facebook posted by “Professor Keanbean”, who faulted me for an argument that seemed to be flawed:

Comment from Professor Keanbean

I added that I was glad he had called me on it, because I would have a lot more to say about it. I contacted Dennis Cimino, who may be the best in the world at analyzing photographs, and was quite astonished by the extensive proof of fakery. It was not only not taken the day of the alleged shooting but may have been taken as much as several years earlier. Until you read the analysis and make comparisons for yourself, you may find it difficult to believe–but the fact of the matter is proven here.

The Sandy Hook “iconic photo” is a fraud


by Dennis Cimino


Photo attributed to Shannon Hicks

The kids were about here

Where is the yellow bus line?

The study of this photograph turns out to be like one of those puzzles in Parade Magazine of figuring out the differences between the image on the left and the image on the right. First, I wanted to point out the glaring fact that the photographs showing the school, and the small group of children being marched across the parking lot, are not of the same time period.  Best guesstimate is that the differential in time may have been at the very least a period of a couple of years based on careful analysis of the building condition, the pavement repair using crack sealant (black pitch/tar) and the disparity between pavement markings by the front entrance which at one time afforded parking right up to the front door, and later pictures show that yellow “bus only” zone has now been put into the location by the doorway.  This could not have occurred in a one day period of time under any circumstances.

Comparison with parking area on the day of the shooting

The positions of the vehicles in the parking lot do not jive or align. Even the traffic cone positions do not match. But the most powerful proof that these photos are faked is that the shadows they cast are much too late in the day for a shooting that occurred around 9:30 AM (where the first 911 call came in at 9:35 AM). The smaller insert photo appears to have been taken at 1 PM; the “iconic” Hicks’ photograph at 2:15 PM; and the aerial photo at 3 PM. But it makes no sense to have an evacuation of children from a shooting scene taking place nearly five hours later! [NOTE: These are Sun-relative times rather than clock times as shadow angles taken relative to the objects in those photos. Shadow angle differences equate to time differences between them.]

Cone position in Hicks'

Cone position 14 December

Once you take a good hard look at the fact that even the trash dumpsters are in different positions means at the very least that those moved and for what reason that day?  Those are heavy bins and not too easily casually moved when they all have wheel brakes to prevent them from rolling around or being blown by heavy winds.  Lastly, there is a total lack of any steam production from the schools heating system on the cold day of 14 December 2012, which indicates that either the school was totally closed and or shut down  or the photography was staged during a season that did not require any heating.

In Connecticut, in December, the school’s heating plant would have been operating, and venting visible steam from roof vents.  None is discerned in these photos at all on such a cold day. Secondary examination reveals that none of the participants are blowing visible breath frost on a December morning where the ambient temperature was cold enough, at barely 32 degrees (double check this but it was between 28 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit) every single child, every adult, would have been huffing frost from their breath.  Needless to say, the other disparity is the shadows being thrown not only by the building but the persons in the parking lot.  In one photo the shadows align perfectly with the parking lot lines, and in the other photos the shadows are off a good 15 or 20 degrees, meaning that the sun angle is now radically changed, which means that the photos did not even happen either in the same season let alone time window for the day.

Hicks' dumpster with trash and no person

Person by dumpster with no trash

When you examine the wooded area behind and just to the right of the dumpsters, the ground and the trees are so different that once again it is painfully clear that the time and date these photos took place in, were not the same.  You don’t have to look at every twig and branch, all you have to do is look at the condition of the ground, the color of the material from the trees, and the fact that it is NOT THE SAME.

Now, I have lived in Connecticut, matter of fact, in Danbury, and attended Fairfield Jr. High School in the late 1960’s.  In the parking lot, there is a tree still with all of it’s leaves on it, and it is not an evergreen tree.  December is well after FALL and the leaves should be gone yet they are not.  Another seasonal clue here that belies the date and time the government said the events took place.  Wrong answer, Eric Holder.

Comparison with tar at kid's feet

No parking lines / then parking lines

Another glaring issue is the ground is totally dry, no sign of any snow having fallen, and absolutely not wet from any rain.  Not that December is particularly rainy for Connecticut, but give me a break.  Look at the dirt in the woods.  Totally dry. Also, as I stated, the weathering of the building is apparent, as is the different color of the crack sealant used in the parking lot, and the paint for the parking lines is so different that the CROSSWALK in front of the entrance IS THERE IN ONE PHOTO with no cars parked there and, in another photo of the same day, THE CROSSWALK IS NOT THERE but there are parking markings demarcated right at the entrance.

This is not possible for the same date.  No way. Also, people milling around by the trash dumpsters which, by the way seem to be at least mostly EMPTY, and move by themselves from one photo to the other, standing there with hands in pockets as bystanders observing the DRILLS.  Same goes for the officer by the entrance of the school apparently with no sense of urgency to move either in or out on a day when shooting is alleged to have happened.  It only makes sense if it was a drill.

Last point, the children are without winter clothes on.  Now, we know it’s DECEMBER and the cold outside at around 28 to 32 degrees, the children would have had their coats on, those are always by the door and readily grabbed on the way out.  For kids who are so warm relative to the air, they sure look like they are out there in mild weather that is not allowing any of them to blow any frost.

Hicks' woods behind dumpsters

Woods behind dumpsters on 14 December 2012

Clearly given the issues stated above, nobody in their right mind can state that the photographs took place on the same day or for that matter even the same month perhaps or even the SAME YEAR.  The pavement weathering, the crack sealing job not matching, the shade and color of the tarmac, and even the outside building condition itself being so different says TIME ELAPSED.   Not to mention the lines on the pavement by the entrance are WRONG and NOT THE SAME in these photos.

A female police officer on (what appears to be) a smoking break
I would also observe that the late time for the aerial shot tends to be confirmed by this image of a female police officer near the dumpsters, who appears to be taking a smoking break, and by the presence of those two light blue vehicles we have discussed before, which are police cruisers and are parked too far away from the action to have arrived on the scene in close proximity to the shooting. While they could fake a police officer escorting children across the parking lot, they could not fake the shadows that their bodies would cast, which reveals that this was not taken to remove them from a threat but to stage their evacuation. And it could not have been taken the afternoon of the day of the shooting, since too many parties would have been present to observe the fakery.

What does this mean?


by Jim Fetzer

LA Times runs Hicks' photoDennis Cimino has demonstrated that the celebrated photograph attributed to Shannon Hicks, Associate Editor of The Newtown Bee, was not even taken on 14 December 2012 but appears to have been taken days, months or years earlier, no doubt for the purpose of supporting a fabricated event. The key players, we now know, have to have included Attorney General Eric Holder, Governor Malloy of Connecticut and his Lt. Governor, the Connecticut State Police, the Newtown Police Department, the Newtown School Board and even The Newtown Bee.

Professor Keanbean, who provoked my reconsideration of the Hicks’ photograph by suggesting that I was wrong in asserting that the vehicles were in the very same positions, can be seen to be mistaken when you see, for example, that the car to the left of the last vehicle in the middle row, a white SUV, is pulled in further in the 14 December 2012 photo than in the Hicks’ staged photo. And, as Dennis has pointed out to me, the vehicles to the right of the series of children, especially the SUV whose wheel is visually in contact with the little boy leading them, should be accompanied by the image of one or more of the (nearly identical) light blue sedans.

The scope and standing of those who were complicit in this conspiracy–which only requires two or more individuals acting in collusion to bring about an illegal end–is simply breathtaking, including as it does the Attorney General and (no doubt) the President of the United States, not to mention what has to be much of the law enforcement structure of Connecticut–making this scandal bigger than Watergate! Indeed, the complicity of The Bee has now been establishes several times over on the basis of its fraudulent interview with the Sandy Hook principal–who was quoted as telling their reporter than she could hear shots in the hallway, when the official account would maintain that she had been perhaps the first to have been killed–and a story about why it was unpromising to consider refurbishing the school building, because it was loaded with asbestos and other bio-hazards–and the publication of this “iconic” photograph.

Shannon Hicks, Photographer of the YearThose who are not up-to-speed on the case need to read “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax”, “Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died” and “Wolfgang Halbig: 11,000 page Sandy Hook script/CT State Police gave false affidavits”, because the dimensions of this scandal are simply staggering. Indeed, as I explain in “Sandy Hook: My pick of the ‘Top Ten’ articles/videos/interviews”, Eric Holder has been zealous in his pursuit of gun control in this country for many years, where I feature him making a presentation to a National Democratic Women’s Convention in 1995.  He goes to far as to assert that the attitude of the public toward guns has to be changed by “brainwashing” if necessary, as though as Attorney General he did not have an obligation to uphold the Constitution. Barack Obama has to have been involved.

The attempt to disarm the American people has no basis in fact. We are being told there is “an epidemic of gun violence”, where Sandy Hook is offered as the prime example. But even CNN has reported that there has been a dramatic drop in gun violence, where firearms violence was 75% lower in 2011 than it was in 1993. We are told that NSA’s massive surveillance program is intended to expose  domestic terrorists, but a report released by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security  on 3 October 2012 revealed that a review of 680 studies by “fusion centers” (which merge federal, state and local anti-terrorist law enforcement efforts) gathered over 2009-10 had found not a single instance of domestic terrorism–not one! Yet the increasing militarization of police departments across the country suggests that they are being primed to conduct operations against the American people.

The arguments against gun control are simply overwhelming, but you won’t hear them on the national news. Were the US to be invaded by a foreign force, for example, how could Americans resist if they were unarmed? If the government were to be taken out by a series of nuclear strikes (the “Jericho” scenario), how could law and order be maintained in the absence of firearms?  What would the patriots have done at Lexington and Concord had they been unarmed? Why do we call for the police in emergency situations? Because they are armed. But the more Americans who possess weapons, the better the country will be to cope with any eventuality. Under the circumstances, the public must plan for the worst: stock up on guns and ammo and enough food and water for at least several weeks.

The government wants to dominate and control us, where the Barack Obama administration has spun out of control and abdicated its responsibility to uphold the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Insofar as acts of terrorism are intended to instill fear into a target population to make it more amenable to manipulation in promoting a political agenda, Obama and Holder have committed and act of terrorism on the American people. Every mother and child old enough to follow the news has had fear instilled in them by this grotesque event of fabricating the deaths of 20 children and six adults (eight if we include this young man, Adam Lanza, and his mother, Nancy, who are no doubt as fictional as the photograph we have been reviewing here). When the government is lying to the people on such a massive scale, you must take for granted that the stakes are enormous. We must fend for ourselves.

Dennis Cimino, who has extensive engineering and support experience with military electronics, predominantly US Navy Combat Systems, was the Navy’s top EMI troubleshooter before he went to work for Raytheon in the 1980s.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.



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