Anti-drone activist and grandmother sentenced to prison for photographing protest


Stop Making Sense

Jeff Stein writes for the Ithaca Voice:

‘Gasps filled the courtroom when the sentence for drones protester Mary Anne Grady Flores was announced last Thursday. An onlooker let out an astounded, “No!” Someone else whistled in disbelief. Others looked away.

Grady Flores, of Ithaca, pursed her lips and slowly nodded her head. The judge read aloud the rest of the sentence — one year in jail, the maximum punishment possible for violating an order of protection. The lawyers for each side made a few more requests. Then it was time for Grady Flores, 58, to be taken away. Some of her supporters started crying. They began singing a Christian peace song.

The handcuffed grandmother of three was escorted out by a sheriff’s deputy. Right before they disappeared into a back-room, Grady Flores turned to her friends and family. She was smiling.’


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