Pentagon still claiming Russian troops massing near Ukrainian border

I do believe that Russia ” has the right to defend herself. A border surge is not surprising to me, given the circumstances surrounding Ukraine, and the Western buildup in the area. Putin has been careful not to inflame the situation more. It is the West that is fanning the flames near Russia. Any one can see this simple truth.

Stop Making Sense

Philip Ewing reports for Politico:

3453453‘[…] There are about 10,000 to 12,000 regular Russian combat troops inside their border with Ukraine, Kirby told reporters at a Pentagon briefing, an increase from a few weeks ago but a smaller force than the roughly 40,000 that were there earlier in the standoff.

Press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby also confirmed that defense officials have long observed movements of weapons and advisers from Russia to pro-Russian separatists inside Ukraine, although he said the Pentagon has not specifically seen a heavy, tracked surface-to-air missile launcher like the one believed to have shot down the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.’


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