The reality of religion being used as an asset of warfare is a sad fact, and is one of the most reprehensible and despicable acts against humanity. Though I am personally an Atheist, I can see the need for religious tolerance and acceptance of others belief systems and cultures. Humanity must support these ideology, or abandon them. Our survival depends upon it.

I am repulsed by war, killing, unnecessary control over the populace. I do not believe that we need the Police State , nor do we want it. Our Government has ignored our desires and rights and has made us insolvent for the purpose of widespread violence around the world, financing , controlling and manipulating economies, financing terrorism all the while, Ignoring its obligation to secure the Borders, Create legislation that empowers the populace to be industrious and competitive, while maintaining domestic tranquility.

Religious Extremism is being manipulated by Governments now, and this threatens the existence of the Churches and their Benevolent , Legitimate practice of reaching out in their communities. In time Government will have complete control over religion and cultural identity.

I Believe that people are free to practice religion in peace and that all religions should be respectful to humanity, promote peace through dialogue and leadership in whatever capacity they posses.



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