World Turns on Israel for War Crimes …Project “Wake Up the World to VT” Launches Now!



Project “Wake Up the World to VT” Launches Now!

Patriots around the world are asked to join our new efforts called “Project Wake Up the World” which officially kicked off on July 20th, 2014.  This project involves a global effort to push all the truth to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.  To do this, we’re giving everybody the power to do more damage to the lies of the mainstream media by learning some powerful techniques we’ve proven on the battlefield over the last 4 years.

In a nutshell, we’re going to unify most of the alternative media by showing them what they don’t know yet and reach every patriot possible with the things they will never learn on the fake news.  We’re going to do it just like they did during the American Revolution by word of mouth!  But in this case, we’re going to use the Internet and asymmetrical warfare to destroy the lies of the mainstream media and the disgusting censorship of the alternative media through a mass assault of truth by thousands of patriots working together with a common goal!

VT is now the number one news organization in the United States and it has done this mainly because they are putting out all the ugly truth and holding nothing back!  They have the best writers in the world because they have REAL Intel sources and care deeply about this country.  Many of the people behind VT have been illegally put in prison at some time in their lives to shut them up because they literally know where the “bodies” are buried!

VT doesn’t censor anything and it’s an all volunteer effort of patriots and our veterans that are sick of the lies.  They have massive respect around the world for their reports but if you have only listened to gatekeepers then you never even knew their name or read one of their stories!  The days of VT and their HUGE stories being kept in the dark corner by gatekeepers are now over!  “Project Wake Up The World” is launching now and we’re going to make sure that every patriot, every state Congressman, every Mayor, every Governor, every police chief, every sheriff, every city councilman and even every dog catcher knows about VT and the criminals they are exposing on a daily basis!

Begin “Project Wake up the World” Today!

“Project Wake Up the World” is really pretty simple.  This operation is about patriots worldwide unifying around VT and committing to 20 simple actions every day that only take about 20 minutes or less to accomplish.   These simple actions by thousands of patriots already monitoring VT on a daily basis will push this train of truth down the tracks at turbo speed and just maybe might prevent world war 3 and also put some bad guys in prison!  As an extra bonus this project will literally be kryptonite to the bad guys that hate the truth coming out of VT!  Spreading VT stories is just like throwing water on the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz.  It melts them every time!

The most important part of the plan is for everybody to commit to reaching at least 20 new people every day.  We’ve created a detailed battle plan in a free ebook called “How To Spread 1,000 Times More Truth” that we want everybody to read.  It’s a very short and sweet read but it will take you to Jedi level in no time!  You can find out how to get this ebook by LIKING the “Veterans Today Truth Warriors” page on Facebook and reading the first post here.

The revolutionary war was won by handing out pamphlets that told the truth.  Today, provides all their stories (pamphlets) and you just get it into new people’s hands every day!  Don’t just post to the same old friends on Facebook because that doesn’t reach new people you don’t know.  Your friends on facebook have already heard from you and are either awake or they might never wake up!  I’ll teach you how to make new friends on facebook every day so you’re always reaching somebody new in the free book too.

Some of you might choose to hit the wall of every one of your facebook friends by posting to 100 friends a day.  This is actually more worthwhile than simply posting to your own wall because Facebook doesn’t let all your friends see all your posts anymore.  Some of you might use Twitter to find new people.  Some of you might commit to sending 20 emails out a day to your various local and state officials.  Some of you might concentrate on reaching more veterans by reaching out to Veterans organizations on facebook or on websites.  Some of you might choose to go find email addresses for Sheriffs, firemen or other local people we need on our team.  All of this is covered in the book.  Don’t worry about the federal level, 95% of them are crooks!   There are a LOT of patriots in the local and state level that are great people that just haven’t learned to turn off the fake news yet.  Remember, we were once all asleep and believed in their fairy tales too!  We want to quickly wake up a majority in the major branches of city, county and state governments so they can join our efforts and we can expose what a total hoax our “media” has become.  We can turn many of these people to the good side of the force and we will!  They will tell others too!

Contacting Public Servants through Emails and Website Forms

Many times you can quickly find email addresses listed right on the websites for your public servant by doing some simple Google searching.  For example if you search Google for “Santa Barbara City Council” you’ll find this page.

Look at the page and you’ll see a “Contact” page and all their email addresses are right there. With about one or two minutes of work you can email all 7 of them by cutting and pasting a email that said something like this.

—- Sample email for public servants or you can modify for friends and family —–

Subject: Very Important Information

Thank you for your service to our community!  As you know America is in trouble from many areas and one of them is false reporting on the mainstream news.  I wanted you to be aware of VeteransToday who are our Vets and patriots at US Intelligence and the DoD putting out all the truth at

The patriots behind VT have been given permission to tell the entire truth to the American people for the first time and have broken huge stories never carried on the mainstream media.  VeteransToday is now the #1 news website in the United States and is highly respected around the world.  They do not publish “conspiracy theories” but hard hitting stories with supporting documentation by patriots just like you that are tired of our leaders lying about everything.  Here  are a couple of their stories going viral right now.  They break new information every day that you won’t hear about any other way so tell everybody you know so they learn what the mainstream media lies about too!

Undeniable Proof of 9/11 as a Nuclear Event

Wolfgang Halbig: 11,000 page Sandy Hook “script”/ CT State Police gave false affidavits

The Top Ten Reasons Sandy Hook Was An Elaborate Hoax

Border Breach, The Real Story Behind The Headlines

Alien Agenda V: World Zionists Play Russian Roulette With Alien ETs

Satellite data on MH17 should be released: Analyst

MH17 Working Group Established

Malaysian 777 Shot Down Over Ukraine Updated

Breaking News, Wanta: Flight 17

Veterans Today Radio News Reports with Stew Webb July-14-16- 2014

Worldwide Financial Criminal Network Revealed Part1

Worldwide Financial Criminal Network Revealed Part2

New Genome Study Destroys Zionist Claims to Palestine

I know you are a patriot and that’s why I wanted you to be aware of VeteransToday so you can share it with all your other patriot friends.  God bless you and your family and thank you again for your service and attention to this matter!

—— end email —–

There’s no reason to sign the email.  I won’t be signing the emails I send out.  As I said, you can just create a dummy email account somewhere to just send out 20 or 50 emails per day.  Since you are only sending one email to the person and they are public servants with emails on the Internet you are not breaking any laws.  If all patriotic Americans just put in 20 minutes reaching 20 new people or more per day we will do amazing things in a few short months!   I’m giving you many ways to do 20 things to reach at least 20 new people with truth per day.  Some of the things I’ll teach you can reach thousands of new people in only 20 minutes of your time!

I recommend that everybody does some searching for city, country and state government officials like city council, state council, county sheriff, mayors, governors and state congressmen.  Do it for you own location because you literally pay these people’s salaries and have a right to give them your opinion.  Waking them up is the best thing you can do for them.  We want to help wake up as many in city, county and state government offices as we can.  We also want to reach out to veterans so some of you might take on that job and go find veterans groups that have websites on the internet.  It’s not hard and if you need any help just contact our page on Facebook at “Veterans Today Truth Warriors” or contact Glenn Canady at

We are providing a spreadsheet of email addresses to share the Intel from VT!

We are providing and constantly updating a list of email addresses in a spreadsheet right now.  It’s located right below the download link for the ebook that you can learn where to get by reading the first post on “Veterans Today Truth Warriors” here:

Again the free ebook you can get through the facebook page will cover many more tips on how any patriot can learn literally how to spread 1,000 times more truth using some simple tips we’ve learned over the last four years.  Under the ebook download link you’ll also see a spreadsheet with over 600 groups and pages that reach more than 200 million people so get that also and begin carpet bombing VT stories at will!  Again all we need is 20 actions per day that reach new people and we take this fight to the next level!

Do Your Best!

“Project Wake Up the World” is officially underway.  We are already teaching new patriots these techniques every day and now it’s up to you!

I’m giving you knowledge to make you much more dangerous to the new world order agenda.  I’m asking all of you to do just 20 simple things per day in 20 minutes.  I know everybody has 20 minutes to do their best to insure that evil can’t win.  We have in our power the ability to turn this around by unifying around our patriots at who have already suffered for bringing out the truth.  They are the only people I trust because everybody else in alternative media has let me down by censoring their stories and telling lies.  I don’t think this is an accident since the Illuminati always said they would control the opposition by leading it!  If VT goes down we all go down so let’s do 20 minutes a day to do our best for God and country!  The more we do, the more criminals go to jail and the brighter our future.  They’re killing us everyday already so let’s have some fun and throw VT kryptonite around like candy!

Some of you reading this have some extra money and can afford to donate to the patriots fighting this battle every day.  People such as Stew Webb would appreciate any help you could give him.  He currently needs a voice recognition software so he needs about $600 for the best one out there so that he can transcribe all the VT interviews into text so more people can learn the truth and they can be provided to the right people to begin preparations and evidence for prosecutions.  If you can donate to him, do so at

All patriots can begin your “Carpet Bombing” of VT stories now!  Let’s do it together and WIN this thing!



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