VIDEO Christian Pastor Attacked by Muslims Warns Israel, USA & Geert Wilders Warning & Warning about Grover Norquist

# just say NO to Sharia Law

Reclaim Our Republic

Pray For America
21 Jul 2014

Ok, satiated Americans and other global inhabitants, it’s time for the Jihad Challenge of the Day. I’ll give you the ANSWER and you provide the QUESTION.


Here is the answer – ISLAM.

Now, what is the question?

Well, if you gave the following question you are correct!

What is the unifying consistent for situations where a Christian Pastor has acid thrown in his face by Muslims in Uganda; Muslim brothers are beheading their Muslim brothers in an internecine war in Syria; Muslim warriors are kidnapping young girls in Africa and selling them as sex slaves; Muslims are trying to blow up more buildings in New York; Muslims are initiating genocide on Christians in Iraq; and Muslims in Gaza are targeting Jewish civilians in their effort to destroy Israel.

In as much as our lefty heroes of academia are now choking on their tofu, not believing that…

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