Can Americans serving with the IDF in Gaza , Be tried for War crimes upon return.

Media outlets are releasing the fact that 750 Americans are serving with the IDF in Gaza.

Should American citizens be tried for war crimes in Palestine, if in fact the International community should judge that Israel has or is committing war crimes?

Will returning American Vets from the IDF, be placed on a secret watch list?

Should Americans who serve in Foreign Armies be watched more closely for possible terrorist or espionage threats?


One thought on “Can Americans serving with the IDF in Gaza , Be tried for War crimes upon return.

  1. Read up on Eric Glenn Harroun.

    He was an American citizen and a mercenary (not a crime) fighting against the Syrian Government forces (whom the U.S. is opposed to). He used a rocket propelled grenade in a combat action against Syrian Government forces engaged in open warfare. He had not made threats against the U.S. or its citizens and had not worked against his country. He had not committed any atrocities as far as I can tell.

    He was charged with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction outside the U.S.. It’s a catch-all law (Title 18, United States Code, Section 2332A – Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction) designed for the U.S. to be able to arrest any U.S. citizen who takes up arms against another government.

    Granted, I don’t like that he is working with the al-Nusrah Front, but the U.S. has covertly supported other groups who are openly opposed to the U.S as long as they were working toward a common goal. I think they used this law to arrest him because of his fighting alongside the al-Nusrah Front.

    If U.S. relations with Israel get worse, I would not be surprised in the least that returning American citizens who left to enlist in the IDF are charged with this or something similar.

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