In the Old Days … The prospects and Plans for Fighting the Soviet Union Warsaw Pact

Those of us who trained and deployed to counter the Soviet threat, remember well the OPlan and the possible consequences of such a move.

Germany had not yet reunified, and the American soldiers of that time could scarcely take a crap without looking at posters on the bathroom walls depicting Soviet soldiers, what their Uniforms looked like, what type of vehicles and aircraft were used and so on.

We were constantly reminded of the alleged Communist Threat and we trained and deployed to oppose and defeat the threat. We Americans were propagandized against the communist, just as the sheep of today are battered about the head with the word Terror, or Terrorism.

We assumed that we would be conducting a ” MTW ” effort, and our plans were highly detailed. 

The minimal force that was stationed in Germany would have to imped the Soviet advance until rapid deployment groups could reach Europe.

To ensure that West Germany would not be overrun by a massive Soviet armored and mechanized infantry effort , we deployed tactical atomic weapons in secret locations within Germany, and other places that would allow them to be positioned within their borders. This was Top Secret, because any State that possessed them would be targeted by Soviet forces.

Germany was always in fear of this , and there were protest’s from time to time concerning the fact that Nukes were on their soil.

The basic plan was to destroy Soviet Armour and Infantry as they massed near or in the Fulda Gap. Using tactical Atomic weapons and Fuel Air Explosives.Followed up by round the clock bombing of Soviet Forces with B52 Strikes.

We knew that by launching an atomic attack against Soviet Forces would result in retaliation against U.S. and German Forces in kind, and at least the Destruction of either an ” England or France ” major city.

I imagined in my mind, a limited exchange between the U.S. and Soviets , and that we would come to our senses, but I know better. If a war breaks out and Nuclear weapons are used today, the world would end for most of us, if not all.

I don’t know how to tell people what it would look like, because we have never had the feared war to end all wars. I can tell you that we trained for it, we planned for it and put all the necessaries in place for it.

We had many underground bases in Germany and Europe filled with everything you can imagine. Weapons, food, vehicles, aircraft, medicine and tons of Morphine and Raw Opiates.

The reason that so much Opiates is needed, is because the number of people who would be lethal radiated would be great, and Nato Forces trained and prepared to move through Europe, and euthanise people who were dying, or who would die soon.

We set up decontaminate camps many times in preparation for a possible event. We all knew the truth though, we knew we would all be dead,  ” instantly vaporised ” hopefully . We always said, I want to be at ground zero. Having your cells delineate faster than the nervous system can travel and deliver the message to the brain is the quickest death known to man, and painless.

Here are the Facts concerning Nuclear Warfare:

Every City on the World with a Population center of 50,000 or more has at least one warhead target package. Cities that have substantial military infrastructure have as many as ten warheads packaged , and follow up strikes as well.

The lucky ones are the ones within a mile of detonation or ground zero. They are not aware that anything has happened, except maybe a brief flash of light and the possible few seconds of fear.

For your own research just refer to OPLAN FULDA GAP



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