VIDEO Israel Can Win If MB Obama doesn’t save Hamas – Live Update Link

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Reclaim Our Republic

-Madeleine Halfbright (Albright) former Secretary of State makes a fool of herself on CNN
-‘This is an Offensive War’: An Inside Look at the Campaign to Take Down Hamas
July 25, 2014 BY: Matthew Continetti

Slandered, despised, insulted, degraded, Israel is nonetheless winning its war against Hamas. The number of rocket attacks launched by the terror group each day has been halved. The IDF is uprooting the underground tunnels Hamas uses to smuggle weapons, contraband, and terrorists in and out of the Gaza Strip. On Wednesday evening, Israel’s Channel Two newscast carried footage of Hamas terrorists surrendering to the IDF. The jihadists carried white flags. They stripped to their shorts, proving they were not wearing suicide belts. These are facts Hamas does not want you to know, images Hamas does not want you to see.

And you probably won’t see them. Since the evening of July 17, when Israel launched…

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