Breaking the Set Host Abby Martin Takes On The Corporate Media


Stop Making Sense

Britt Hysen writes for Millenial Magazine:

Millennial Magazine - Abby Martin Cover - Saskia Koerner Photography

‘In a world that is becoming increasingly more polarized, it’s hard to decipher truth. News outlets we once turned to for information have now become sensationalized 24-hour “info-tainment” networks. Yet one journalist has had enough of the system that controls media, finance and government, and is Breaking the Set in hope of inspiring viewers to act and think locally. At 29 years old, Abby Martin has definitely left her mark on political journalism. Outspoken and a little unfiltered at times, she stands true to herself (nose ring included) in delivering stories that deserve public recognition.

As a Millennial herself, Abby understands the plight we face as a generation. Mainstream media has lost all legitimacy. Financial institutions have proven to be dangerous and manipulative. And our government has exercised unrestrained spending and power causing young adults to be eternally in debt and slaves to the authority…

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