#GazaUnderAttack | United States Senate Blocks Iron Dome Funding


Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

  Friday August 01, 2014 10:34 by Chris Carlson – 1 of International Middle East Media Center Editorial Group| Follow @imemcnews

Republican representatives in the US Senate have blocked a Democratic party proposal of a multi-million dollar defense aid package to Israel.

Al Ray archive photo
Al Ray archive photo

The $2.7 billion border aid package would have included $225 million, proposed by US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, for the Israeli military’s Iron Dome defense system.

“We’ve all watched as the tiny state of Israel, who is with us on everything, they have had in the last three weeks 3,000 rockets filed into their country,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in an apparent attempt to appeal to Republicans’ longstanding partiality to the state of Israel’s demands.

“Our number one ally — at least in my mind — is under attack. If this isn’t an emergency I don’t know anything that is,”…

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