On Gaza and Palestine… Netenyahu says no civilians are being targeted, not a single one. My take on his statement… I am the Anti Holocaust !

MR. Netenyahu is simply stating a fact. The simple fact is that Israel is targeting tunnel systems that happen to run under towns, homes and many structures. Mr.Netenyahu is also FULLY AWARE that those structures are occupied by humans, but never mind that , it is the tunnels that are being targeted, and the people are simply collateral damage.

its very much like, when a person labels the door of a bedroom with the name ” Colorado ” So that when the bill collector calls, the recipient becomes unavailable to take the call, because they are indeed in Colorado.

Israel is taking a political beating for this unabashed and total disregard for human life,

” IT SEEMS TO GO AGAINST THE NOTION  ” That they who claim to have been subjected to a Holocaust would be morally and physically opposed to the kind of pain that they are dishing out.

This current campaign against Gaza, is looking more and more like a defeat for Israel, and a stimulus for antisemitism world wide. It smells and taste of the 2006 war with Lebanon and Hezbollah.

The IDF took a couple of serious ass whippings in that conflict.

Here is some Hezbollah Propaganda that was Generated by that war, and now Lebanon is a even bigger threat. Check this video out: A very well done puff piece.

Hezbollah Documentary – Hajj Khaled Bazzi: Prince Of The Battlefield (English Subtitles)

The difference here” Palestine really does exist and it has a legitimate claim and rights. It is a Nation of people who have been slowly but continually cleansed from their land and homes for decades. In addition they have been subjected to an occupation in what little is left to them.

The world now sees , that the Zionist Regime that controls Israels politics is openly committing war crimes. They refer to themselves as a Jewish State, but exist only as a Zionist Outpost with no legitimate claim to the land  they have taken, and they have lost the only thing that gave them any power at all ” Credibility “

The Jewish holocaust seems less meaningful and I dare say, Not of any consequence, when compared to to many other events in history, and many of them involving Israel.

The Jewish identity has been thoroughly observed and note has been taken of the brutal truth. Israel and Jewish people are just as cruel and lethal as any bipedal that has ever roamed the earth. They are not special, they are not the chosen ones, their shit does stink, and they do bleed and they also weep. 

I am a firm believer in strong support of De-funding Both Israel and Egypt. I would develop policy that is working for the Nuclear and Biological Disarmament of the entire region including Israel, and I would withdraw all support to any who opposed a demilitarization by rebuking them and in addition to stopping the military, financial and political support, I would Issue a Protectionist Declaration, that should any State strike the United Sates with any weapon of mass destruction, or attempt to disrupt the tranquility of the U.S. that the U.S would respond in kind, Ten Fold.

Te U.S. needs to disconnect from the Middle East, It has become a military industrial nightmare and an unsustainable relationship that has become politically distasteful and risky. These are not nice folks, and the American public can see it now.

We do not need, and we should not be required to incorporate or adapt to any foreign influence in our politics, nor should we support any nation or ethnic group that involves itself with obvious aggression against their neighbor and more over” We should stop our addiction to being the worlds police. It is just to tempting to create a new world order that has no soul, no real or discernible culture that seeks unwarranted dominion over the people of the world.

The U.S. was founded and immersed in a predominate Christian populace, and this land belongs to them, and the Native Americans. It also belongs to people who Legally Immigrate and contribute, but should and hopefully will remain a Christian Culture that is dominate but tolerant.

I am not Pro Muslim, but I am Anti Holocaust.







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