EU medics release shocking report over Gaza massacre


A group of European doctors who have been working at medical centers in Gaza have unveiled documentations proving that civilians account for 80-90 percent of the victims of the Israeli onslaught on Gaza, Al-Alam reported.
Attending a press conference in Brussels on Friday, the medical team provided the mass media with a detailed account of Israel’s shocking war crimes which showed one in every three casualties is a woman or a child.
The medical team condemned the Zionist regime for continuous air strikes on hospitals, ambulances, mosques and schools where civilians take refuge.
Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor and activist who had been recently working in a Gaza hospital, displayed images of the murdered infants and some severely injured Palestinians and asked the journalists, “Are these people terrorists? I haven’t seen so much bloodshed in my whole life.”
“The United Nations, US President and other European leaders should be held accountable for the brutal killings as well as the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”
In the meantime, the Israeli army violated the 3-day ceasefire and pounded civilian areas east of Gaza killing at least 70 and injuring over 220 Palestinians.
The ferocity of the relentless shelling of the Israeli forces has even hampered ambulances and relief workers from entering the worst-battered region of Rafah.



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