Gaza Catastrophe: WE are to blame


Luis Masutier

I just can’t stay silent anymore. I’ve been brewing up this idea for a couple of weeks now and I need to spit it out:

The UN, the EU and the US, the Arab and Western Countries are all to blame in the Middle East Conflict.

How come, when it’s a conflict between Israel and the Arab Countries? The UN can only penalize and adopt resolutions! The US are just backing one of their allies, Europe is trying to be impartial, the Arab countries try as hard as they can to live in peace with all the tensions and invasions in the area… Oh really? So let me tell you one story:

Some time ago Rachel was having a real bad time. He had been abused as a child, set to sell her body as a prostitute, she was beaten every second day. Her life was hell but she was strong and survived. When the…

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