The Orphan of Palestine


Thoughts of the Oppressed

He walked through rubble, with his body covered in blood
He’s just a boy, who knows the pain of losing someone you love
He lived in a house filled with laughter & joy
Now he walks through the streets holding on to his broken toy

He cried through the horror, of his family being destroyed
He held on to his mother, in hope that she would say
“It would be alright”
He hugged her body for 3 days & 4 nights 
Then he left her there, knowing one day he’ll be there, right by her side

He saw his land, being ravaged by beasts
He saw his people, being butchered like meat
Their only crime, was standing up for their beliefs 
Their only wish, was to be able to live in peace

The invaders said the land was theirs, as it was promised to them by God
Therefore justified mass…

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