IRS agrees to monitor church sermons to get atheists to stop complaining

I am an Atheist. There should be freedom of religion, and no threat to Churches from the government. I believe that all should be allowed to worship, or not worship. Religion is a personal choice, and government should have no part of it, and religion should have no part in government. This is an example of Police State over reach, and the people of America need to stand up to the thuggery and reject it completely.

Reclaim Our Republic

IRS Police
August 2, 2014 By Dan Calabrese

I’m not exactly sure how the IRS would “monitor sermons and homilies,” unless they seriously intend to send IRS agents to attend church services as spies. And if they did that, I’m not sure how you would stop them. Most churches welcome everyone, and these days it’s easy peasy to put your cell phone on sound record without even having to take it out of your pocket.

I guess we’d better tell the greeters at our church to be on the lookout for bureaucratic-looking weasel types who don’t know the worship songs and don’t speak in tongues. My pastor might preach something subversive, like, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
First Amendment: Government’s assault on religious liberty has hit a new low as the IRS settles with atheists by promising to monitor sermons for mentions of the right to life and traditional marriage.

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