Utah OKC Bombing Trial: Missing Videos, FBI/ATF Prior Knowledge, Undercover Gov’t Operative Threatened to Not Testify



Barry Donegan/BenSwann:

At the US District Court in Salt Lake City, almost twenty years after the Oklahoma City bombing, a trial is underway pitting Utah lawyer Jesse Trentadue against the Federal Bureau of Investigation in a dispute over alleged missing videos from the case’s evidence log.

Trentadue believes that the FBI is hiding videos that will help prove that his brother, Kenneth Trentadue, was killed by guards in an interrogation-gone-wrong after he was mistaken for a “John Doe Number Two” that was allegedly being investigated as an Oklahoma City bombing suspect. Authorities eventually abandoned the theory that such a suspect participated in the bombing.

Kenneth Trentadue bore an uncanny resemblance, including similar tattoos, to both the police sketch of John Doe Number Two and suspect Richard Lee Guthrie Jr., an Aryan Republican Army member and bank robber who some believe to have been a co-conspirator in the…

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