VIDEO Proven Liar Butcher of Benghazi Hillary and AZ Gov Candidate Christine Jones Don’t Want You To See This

All of them, Scumbags

Reclaim Our Republic

benghazi-libya 4 pix
August 7, 2014

Veterans for a Strong America has exposed Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Christine Jones lying about serving in the Air Force when really she never did and now it turns out that Jones is a huge fan of Hillary Clinton. And Jones call herself an “unapologetic conservative.” Say what?

Just months after the deadly terror attacks that killed four Americans in Benghazi, Christine Jones heaped praise on Hillary Clinton. Don’t believe us…just watch the video.

Now that the video above is complete we need your help to get this video to every major media outlet possible. Unapologetic conservatives don’t heap praise on Hillary Clinton nor do they lie about serving in the Air Force, when really they didn’t.

We are simply a bunch of prior service and retired military guys who are afraid for our country. We are not wealthy. Many of us struggle just to get by. But…

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