VIDEO Two Cops Stomp Downed Suspect. A Third Cop Pulls Up Facing 10 Years in Jail & If You Resist, You Should Expect to Die

Police State violence is an ugly thing. Dumbed down POPO THUGS !!!

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Third Cop 10 years
Police Union Commissar: If You Resist, You Should Expect to Die
August 9, 2014 By Steve Straub

As this horrifying video shows, two cops begin kicking and stomping a man lying motionless on the ground, and when a third officer arrives on the scene he doesn’t stop them — he joins right in.

That third man, Bridgeport, Connecticut, police officer Clive Higgins, was charged Friday with violating a man’s civil rights by using unreasonable force.

This incident happened in 2011 but video of the incident, which was taken by an unknown person, did not surface until 2013.

Via The New Haven Register:

The video showed police officers kicking and stomping Orlando Lopez-Soto after he was shot with a stun gun and fell to the ground in Beardsley Park in 2011 following a car chase. It’s unclear who recorded the video, which was posted online.

Prosecutors say that after another officer…

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