Al-Haramein Brigade commander admits that he worked with Israel

This is what I understand from what he said. If someone can do a better translation, please do.

I’m Shareef Safouri the commader of Al-Harmein Brigade, I entered Israel five times with Israeli officers. An officer names Ashraf gave me an Israeli phone.
Then someone started asking him questions (The white Arabic language written on the bottom right)

-How many times did you enter Israel?
About five times.

-Where did you sit with them (Israeli officers)?
???? (If someone knows Arabic, please translate)

_Who are the people you sat with?

Then he continues saying:
One of the groups kept recieving aid and medication, it was on us to clear the Israeli border so people can’t pass the border. The second step is they started aiding us with little medication then they gave us Russian rifles (AK-47s) with some ammunition (??), 10 RPGs with 47 rocket-propelled grenades (RPG ammo) then 25,000 rounds of Russian ammo and 48,000 NATO rounds.


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