President Putin is an interesting figure of our time. I have watched many videos of interviews with Putin. He is a straight talker, his views are consistent, and leads from a responsible point of view. Unlike our leaders, who say one thing and do another, talk out the side of their mouths, and lick the feet of Israeli Foreign Influencer’s and AIPAC.

You cant deny his tenacity, or his truthfulness. I wish we had leaders who were as stalwart about our security, and as honest and straightforward.

I am not a Communist, In fact I spent a great deal of my service time fighting Communism, or training to fight them. I do feel, that Russia should be a ally and business partner at this time in history, rather than a supposed enemy.

Vladimir Putin on US Sanctions and Ukraine – English Subs


Vladimir Putin speaks on Iran, Israel and the US


How Putin deals with Bankers, Oligarchs and Big Business, 

Vladimir Putin Rage


Putin Speaks English for CNN


Putin – Difference between Russia and US




Putin on Hillary Clinton.


Russian President Putin calls McCain a crazy old fart.


ww3 – Putin blasts Obama – It is a PROVOCATION for WAR!


What Putin really thinks about gays – BBC NEWS


Putin being a bad-ass







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