Mourning Rubble – For Gaza with Love

Mourning Rubble


For Gaza

When darkness overcomes us

And Hope lies in the past

What in our hearts sustains us?

How do we make love last?

When our weakness overwhelms us,

And we watch as children die,

How can we breathe this still foul air?

What makes us even try?

We see grief upon a father’s face.

We hear a mother’s scream.

How do we find another place

For tortured hearts to dream?

With darkness all around us

Where do we find a light?

What makes us wake another day

To strive to set things right?

What makes us dare to toil and sweat?

What makes us try again?

What fools are we as we forget?

Is darkness some strange friend?

What fools has this God made us

To believe in spite of all

That we can build a city

On this rubble of Hope’s fall?

What fools has this God made us

To hold this foolish thought

When Hope is but a memory

Ere yesterday’s battle was fought?

What fools has this God made us

To wake another day

To greet the sun with gritted teeth

To hold our pain this way?

Where comes this courage to curse us

To strive when Hope is gone

To place tired step and then again

Make empty hearts march on?

Yet this is how God made us

As woman and man and friend

To hold each to each in darkness

To await this foul night’s end.

Morning’s light reveals the rubble

And darkness fills our soul

And Hope is scarce remembered

As a diamond gone back to coal

Dark misery fills the rubble

Pain crushes every heart

Evil grabs with rage-honed claws

To tear our souls apart.

How look we on this horrid scene?

How do we breathe again?

How will we own this bitterness?

And ever love again?

But in this morning’s glaring darkness

We hear a baby’s cry

Love pours again from foolish hearts

Like sweet rain from empty sky.

And thus has this God made us

Like fools who have no choice

And innocence melts the darkness

And we hear Love’s fatal voice.

And Love will own our hearts again

And from it Hope is born

In the face of death and tragedy

We smile bravely and face this morn.

When darkness overcomes us

And Hope lies in the past

It is Love itself that saves us

And Hope ever follows fast.

It is Love itself that saves us

‘Tween woman and man and friend

Love that gives us courage

And Hope that will not end.

~ R Zwarich ~

Raymond Zwarich is a carpenter living in rural Massachusetts who is trying to find an effective way to respond to the dangers and general insanity of our times. He is hoping that citizens can find the means to unite to oppose the immense power of unbridled greed that is threatening our children’s and grandchildren’s lives. He can be reached at

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

About the Author: Allen L Roland is a Freelance Alternative Press Online columnist. He is also a practicing psychotherapist, author and lecturer who also shares a daily political and social commentary on his web site at He also guest hosts a Truthtalk, a national radio show that airs monthly. He is available for comments, interviews, speaking engagements and private consultations via email at 


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