The Sandy Hook “hat trick”: more twists and turns


The Sandy Hook “hat trick”: more twists and turns


by Jim Fetzer (with Wolfgang Halbig and William Shanley)

“We updated the sweat band inside [the hat] in 2013….but we continued to sell through the previous sweat band until stock levels depleted…However the new sweat band is pictured in this photo you have sent me.”–FLEXFIT

featured imageThere are two “Final Reports” from Connecticut officials, one by Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky, the other by the Connecticut State Police.

As I have explained in previous articles, Sedensky does not establish a causal nexus that connects the alleged shooter to his  weapons or purported victims.
We know that Sandy Hook Elementary School was abandoned by 2008 and used as a prop in 2012 and that Shannon Hicks’ “iconic” photograph was staged.
Given the legal principle, “Fraud vitiates everything” (FVE), which I have discussed in relation to 9/11, “Top Ten 9/11 Cons: ‘Fraud Vitiates Everything’ (FVE)”, its applicability to Sandy Hook deserves emphasis, since, as in the case of 9/11, we have discovered that virtually everything we have been told by the Connecticut state authorities is not only false but provably false:

Fraud vitiates everything

We continue to turn up further confirmation to the “big lie” of Sandy Hook in the form of “the Sandy Hook hat trick” and the many false affidavits submitted by officers of the Connecticut State Police, which Wolfgang Halbig has exposed, where Wolfgang Halbig has discovered the Washington, D.C. based firm, Obsidian Analysis, Inc., that appears to have conducted the Sandy Hook drill for DHS and William Shanley has written to the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission about the blatancy of the Sandy Hook fraud.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Here is a video study of the parking lot at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which, using official DASHCAM footage, proves that no evacuation of children was taking place at the time and locations specified in the official report. There should have been hundreds and hundreds of children and around 75 staff members who were being evacuated to safety. But they aren’t there: they aren’t in the parking lot; they aren’t on the road; they aren’t outside the fire house; they aren’t inside the fire house. I am reminded of Thierry Meysson’s studies of the Pentagon asking, “Where is the Boeing?” In this case, we have to ask, “Where are the children?”


The hat trick


Even more proof that the entire exercise was a charade has emerged from the Connecticut State Police Final Report in the form of photos of a hat that alleged shooter Adam Lanaza is supposed to have worn. It’s black and made of a durable material of the kind hunters and fishermen might wear. Scroll down to “Photographs, Primary Scene”, and you will find several of the hat that he is alleged to have worn:


The hat
                            Hat photo, page 482                                             Close up (showing scale), page 483


A student of Sandy Hook by the name of “Bridget” noticed that, in addition to these two photos of the hat, there are others, which provide more detailed information about its brand and source of manufacture, an issue that she would pursue:


The hat with manufacturing data (page 476)

Correspondence with FLEXFIT

Bridget wrote repeatedly to FLEXFIT and eventually made contact with someone who could assist her named “Leslie”. In her last email to Leslie on 13 August 2014, she reiterated her keen interest in information about manufacturing the hat:

From: Bridget
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 1:37 PM To: Subject: HELLO??
I was wondering if you were going to possibly call me back in regards to my recent request? Sorry to keep bothering you about this. I know it seems like an odd request. I also left you a voicemail at your office.
It would be much appreciated if you could keep me in the loop. Thanks,
– *::Bridget::*
This time, rather to Bridget’s surprise, Leslie wrote back with a comprehensive discussion of the problems she had locating the information that Bridget had requested, but answering that that model with the elastic band was only available in 2013:
———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Leslie<> Date: Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 1:58 PM Subject: RE: HELLO?? To: “Bridget”

Hello Bridget, Sorry for the delay in responding… I have reached out to my Production Team here and in NY.. And I contacted my factory overseas….to see if I could get some answers regarding: The production cycle – and being able to identify product by label etc… So it has taken some time to go to the appropriate people who might help
In identifying the timeline as to when this was made, who purchased the hat and when we changed our labeling.
Unfortunately – I cannot give you a ‘definitive’ answer, although I can give you a really good idea and bet that I am 98% correct. I would just hate to find out that it could be wrong, so please keep that in mind.
The only photo given – is limited in view, however I am able to blow the photo up and found more markings and numbers that have helped us in our search. Here are the areas of issue:
1. I cannot see if there is a Flexfit ‘Flag’ label (This specific label was only produced and sold on the east coast for a period of time. I can speculate that it was during this time based on the style of the hat, because I have been working here for well over 20 years, but it is not definitive.) This is on the brim, where the crown meets the brim top side.
2. Our inside label has identifying markers as to season/year of production, however the numbers on this hat do not seem to match any that we have produced, which is odd because I have contacted our overseas production department as well, and they also do not use those numbers.
We produce blank inventory such as the bucket cap – and they are shipped to 2 different distribution centers. One on the east coast and another on the west coast…so stock levels are sold and replenished regularly, but we do keep track of the numbers on the hats for inventory and identifying sales.
This style is carried over from year to year with little to no change –as it is a staple item. So we need to keep it consistent as possible for our customers/distributors who purchase it yearly, but I do recognize that this hat was during a year we had been making changes by the lot.
My California distribution center alone – receives on an average 5 to 7… 40 foot containers of various cap styles weekly.
3. We have done 5 updates to this cap within the last 20 years that I have been with the company.
a.) We removed the flag label from the brim – (I mentioned above) approx. 3 years ago. with that being said, that would have been in 2011. This photo was taken in 2012. That does not mean that this person would have not kept on to the hat after the year we removed that label. I would assume most people keep their hats years after their original purchase.
But we would have continued to sell through any product still in the warehouse until it was sold out – so it could have carried over longer than when we actually stopped producing it with the label. I know that they stopped selling this item on the east coast and west coast both around the end of 2012. (not sure on the exact month and day).
b.) We updated the sweat band inside in 2013….but we continued to sell through the previous sweat band until stock levels depleted…However the new sweat band is pictured in this photo you have sent me. This is odd given the information you have given me.
There is an ‘identifying marker’ on this item I can see from the photo you have given – that can tell us when it was made and where it was purchased…However I am still looking into the number listed on the hat, trying to find out who made it (if it was even Felxtfit and find out the purchaser from this number.)
I’m sorry I could not be of more help right now – if you have any further questions please let me know. Until then I will continue to look into this and get back with you as my time allows. Sorry for the delayed response.
I wish you luck with what you’re looking for. I know it meant a lot to you.
Thank you, Best Regards, Leslie

So FLEXFIT, the company that “Adam Lanza’s hat” found lying on the ground at the Sandy Hook School Crime Scene (above)  has confirmed that this particular hat was not manufactured until March 2013. That model of the inner elastic portion of the hat was zoomed in on and reviewed by the company, which has indicated that they did not manufacture that band on those hats prior March 2013 in their factory in Vietnam.

As Yvonne Adamow has observed, “This poses a particularly interesting quandary, insofar as the hat that (according to the Connecticut State Police report) Adam  Lanza was wearing had not yet been manufactured by 14 December 2012, the day of the shooting. It was not manufactured, in fact, for several months after the shooting. There appear to be only two answers to this problem: (1) time machines were used; (2) the pictures were staged. Call me crazy, but I’ll go with (2).”


Wolfgang’s letter to Obsidian Analysis, Inc.


The hat trick glitch cannot have been a blunder on-the-scene but, since the Connecticut State Police Report was not published until 27 December 2013 (to judge by the cover letter from the Commissioner), one that appears far more likely to have been committed by the company hired by DHS to conduct this drill. Wolfgang Halbig has tracked it down as having its corporate headquarters in Washington, D.C. It’s name is Obsidian Analysis, Inc. Wolf has sent them the following letter (into which I have embedded two photographs to illustrate his point about the state troopers entering the school) on Friday, 22 August 2014:


 Obsidian Analysis, Inc.
 1776 Eye Street, NW
 4th Floor
Washington, DC 2000
202.459.0500 (p) 202.459.0501 (f)


The next time FEMA conducts a Capstone shooting drill such as at Sandy Hook please use me in reviewing school shooting scripts since I am a National School Safety Consultant who trained over 3500 school police officers for the US Justice Department.


Please read your scripts at since two Ct State Troopers trusted me with the information. You could have done a lot better if I reviewed those scripts.  They do not match and to have 16 Ct State Troopers go through the shot out window and they write it under a sworn police affidavit is just insulting to any police officer.  One should have gone through the window and opened the door for the other 15 you think. [Editor’s note: As Wolf has elsewhere observed, even Curley would have done that for Larry and Moe.]

            Glass was not ground into the floor (page 42)   Furniture has remained in place (page 22)

Bad scripts and you are in trouble because who requests Defibs at 10:35:13 am on Dec 14, 2012 to have all paramedics bring in their Defibs to the Sandy Hook School. Why? What are they going to do–jump start all the dead bodies?


You can do better next time.

Call to Obsidian Analysis, Inc.


So I called Obsidian at 8:57 AM/CT on 27 August explaining that I was a journalist for VT doing a story about FEMA and DHS and wanted to speak with them about their involvement.  They emphasize that their clients include DHS and FEMA on their home page. The receptionist was very polite and asked me to spell my name and give her my phone numbers, which I provided. She said she would make arrangements for someone to call me back. I imagine this may have caused some consternation within the company. As of today, however, no one from Obsidian has called me back.


Obsidian Analysis Home Page


In “On C-SPAN, Richard Gage leaves 9/11 Truth in a ‘time warp’”, I featured photographs of the 19 alleged suicide hijackers. In “Limited hangout: Kevin Ryan, A&E911 and the Journal of 9/11 Studies”, I discussed another 19 identified by Kevin Ryan as his preferred list of suspects. Now we have a rogues gallery of the 16 who appear to have been responsible for Sandy Hook at the direction of DHS, with whom they have identified their affiliation, lesser in number but if we are right seemingly not in culpability:



To the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission

The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission is a 16-member panel of experts created by Governor Malloy to review current policy and make specific recommendations in the areas of public safety, with particular attention paid to school safety, mental health, and gun violence prevention. William Shanley, a nonfiction film producer who resides in New London, Connecticut, has now written to the members of the commission as follows:

It would be both odd but also unsurprising if the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission were to decline to meet with some of the most prominent critics of the “official account” of the Sandy Hook event, especially when its status as a false flag event has been confirmed with LA school safety expert, Paul Preston, as I have previously explained in “Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and that no children died”. That depends upon the integrity of the members of the committee appointed by the Governor.

Accident befalls a Senator

As Tony Mead, “Sandy Hook’s Disappearing Witnesses”, has observed, from Douglas Cottle, who died Sept 29, 2012, at age 62 to Michael Bellmore, who died May 3, 2014 at age 27, more questions than answers seem to arise. The Connecticut State Police Commander, the Connecticut State Police Commissioner, the Western Connecticut State Police Commander as well as the Connecticut State Medical Examiner have all been eliminated from the story either by retiring or death. What better way to cover up any possibility of ever disclosing the truth? What better way to perpetuate conspiracy theories?

The situation may be getting more serious. A member of the Connecticut State Senate, Andrew Maynard, fell off an outside stairway at his home at about 2:39 AM/ET on Monday, 21 July 2014. Maynard was among a handful of Senators who voted against gun control legislation passed in the wake of Sandy Hook. He is now expected to recover–and a witness claims to have seen him fall–but the circumstances remain troubling in light of the number of those who have played key roles in conducting and covering up the hoax. We should keep track of what happens to key players. Nothing should be taken for granted.


A FEMA Capstone event

FEMA Integrated Capstone EventWolfgang has faulted himself for being so slow in appreciating that this was a FEMA Capstone event, which are national-level exercises (NLEs) that emanate from the highest office in the land, the President of the United States, and bring together whole communities, including faith-based organizations, to conduct coordinated efforts, where they can be two or more years in the planning. He fully acknowledges Sofia Smallstorm had it right and that he has been slow to appreciate what she explained in her video study, “Unraveling Sandy Hook”:

The Sandy Hook Homeland Security Illusion
December 14, 2012
Homeland and FEMA Capstone Exercise 2012
NLE 2012 participation includes the Executive Office of the President, federal, state, local, tribal and territorial department and agency officials and emergency operations elements, nongovernmental and private sector organizations and international partners. The four major exercises are:
      Whole Community approach encompasses understanding and meeting the true needs of the entire affectedcommunity; engaging all aspects of the community (public, private, and civic) in defining those needs and devising ways to meet them; and strengthening the assets, institutions, and social processes that work well to improve resilience and emergency management outcomes.

Indeed, this appears to be the key to understanding why no whistle-blowers have come from the community: they were all complicit in conducting the drill, where most may have been unaware that it was going to be presented as though it had been an actual school massacre. It may even be that, like those who were hired to demolish the building, they had to sign lifetime gag orders to never reveal the truth.  That may have been their commitment, but we are exposing–piece by piece–the astonishing deception known as “Sandy Hook”.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.
Wolfgang Halbig, former Florida State Police officer, is a school administrator and national school safety specialist.
William Shanley is a non-fiction filmmaker and author, with news analysis specialty since 1980 presidential election.

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