Why I love Alternative Media Sources. The Good , The Bad, and The Ugly

Alternative media gives us perspective , points of view that we may not experience with the Mainstream media. That is the obvious thing, and in this day and age” we need all the information that we can get.

Alternative media is also stirring a revolution of consciousness, be it good bad or ugly” We are evolving at an astonishing rate, and are learning to discern and dissect information like never before.

Governments are trying to find a way to disrupt the current crest and take control of the Internet because of these innovations and multi-verse realities.

I can almost feel the lifeblood draining from the old warn out faces of the NEOCON’s and the ZIOG Matrix who have dominated the last century. Their ability to connive and conquer will come to an end and we will celebrate our new Independence day. One that has deep meaning and will exist for all who dwell in our world.

Thank you, Alternative media ! For the thrills, the fear, the unreality, and the reality. Thank you for the revolution and health that comes from truth.


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