The U.S. Civil War … Muskets and History


The Lorenz rifle was an Austrian rifle used in the mid 19th century. It was used in several European wars, and also featured prominently in the U.S. Civil War. This was the first rifle used by both sides of the conflict, until replaced by the Springfield.



1861 Springfield Rifle-Musket

The Model 1861 Springfield was used heavily by the Union Army throughout the Civil War, just behind the Enfield and US Model 1842, it was also the 3rd most common weapon used to arm the Confederacy.

The Model 1861 and subsequent Model 1863 (or M1861 and M1863 respectively) were the last percussion arms designed and issued to the United States Army. The M1861 and it’s simple variation in the form of the M1863 was a logical step from the M1855 series arms.

Among the finest long arms in the world when it was introduced it was rivaled in accuracy only by the 1853 Enfield and it surpassed that venerable arm in reliability and quality of manufacture.

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