Hey Marki Mark… Throw the Gook a bone …Mark Wahlberg should not be pardoned

Mark Wahlberg should not be pardoned, according to : The Week Journal Blog ”

I agree … if Marky Boy wants to show that he is a rehabilitated and repentant American who is ready to have his ” Good Name ” restored, then he should throw some bones to the people that he beat the shit out of.

From The Week : http://theweek.com/article/index/273108/mark-wahlberg-should-not-be-pardoned

In April 1988, Mark Wahlberg, 16, set upon a Vietnamese immigrant named Thanh Lam, and, with a wooden stick, beat him so severely that Lam fell to the ground, unconscious. Later that night, according to contemporaneous accounts, Wahlberg found another Asian man, Hoa Trinh, and, calling him a “gook” and “slant eye,” smashed him in the face.

Trinh lost sight in his right eye.


To find out more about this feisty Kosher actor :




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