Hillary was right, even if it was a publicity stunt. We should have empathy for our enemys.

When Hillary Clinton made her statement concerning Americas need to have empathy for our enemy’s, she was right. In fact , We need to re-evaluate our relationships with the entire world, Yes even the perceived enemy’s should have a sit down with America and find areas where we can be friends.

The first example , I can think of is Russia. The entire world has come to the conclusion that Vladimir Putin, is a far superior leader and tactician when held against the standard of the EU and the US. He has shown that he can garner support from not just his own people, but a large majority of Americans and European folks, have demonstrated very positive attitudes and remarks concerning Putin and the Nation of Russia.

Next, We need to become closer to Iran. The Persian Nation has shown a willingness and desire to become a commercial pivot point, and a stabilized anchor point for the Middle East. There are dozens of big corporations itching to do business with the budding commercial giant, and view Iran as a peacemaker and ally who could help bring peace to the region, if given the opportunity and support.

We need a strong and moderate Muslim Nation who will act as a liaison between the West and Greater Islam. Iran would be my choice for the new Middle East partner in the 21st century.

China is a friend and natural enemy, So we must do what ever is necessary to create and maintain strong relations with her, and form new guidelines for balancing the very unequal commerce and shipping regulations enjoyed by China. We need to do more to help American business compete with a Nation that has a propensity for over producing. China must remain strong, for the good of all, but not allowed to project her military force beyond the Asia Pacific region.

We need to form stronger ties with South and Central American States, develop strategies with all concerned Nations who are interested in doing business in the region to encourage sustained growth for the working and poor. The quickest path to peace is by making a deal that is good for everyone concerned. We must put forth the effort to build trust in these regions, because the U.S. has done much harm to the people and environment there.

Unfortunately, we must also re-evaluate our relations with allies. Israel, is an entity that we would do well to distance ourselves from and quickly.

We have all watched in recent years, as the Apartheid State has committed war crimes, that make the Ustazi look like real nice guys, and would make the most unabashed Nazi, or Dictator blush with jealousy with the certain knowledge, that Israel is an efficient and lethal killer of men , women and children” who makes no apology for this distinct honor and seems at times to be Vampiric and Ritualistic in the extreme.

Israel should be contained and disarmed of her nuclear weapons, for if she ever used hem, the U.S. and allies would be partially responsible for having helped the Garrison State to obtain and stockpile WMDs without any over-site or sanctions.

The American people also have a common enemy at home, crusty old Senators and Corporate empires who are entrenched in the Military Industrial Complex also should be re- evaluated and re-educated. They are part of a matrix that has had sway over the West, and certainly has done as much harm as good in the world. The republic must take back the power and control of these behemoth organizations and reduce spending on non strategic warfare and focus on commercial  and civilian infrastructure here at home.

Yeah, Hillary was right” We do need to change, We do need to re-evaluate everything we know. I would start by asking Hillary to stop with the OpEds and denounce a run for the White House, my stomach would feel better…… if only.


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