I stand with Russia – Sean Davis- Australia – #istandwithrussia


4 thoughts on “I stand with Russia – Sean Davis- Australia – #istandwithrussia

    1. You are very welcome. I think we all see the truth concerning Ukraine and U.S. policy. I think that if we had Russians moving assets into our area of the world, we would try to create a buffer zone. I don’t blame Russia for trying to protect it’s people.

  1. Great video! This is what it’s all about, people openly stating what they stand for in this world. Our main stream media are blindly copying what the Evil Empire in the West is handing them without even making an effort to think about what’s really going on in the world. The USA, NATO and EU are putting us all on the brink of WW3, just because they would like to see their sphere of influence grow larger to the east. If I were Russia, I would be appalled as well: NATO saying that it remains a defensive alliance, while ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall they have done nothing but expand eastward. Now they’re putting a swift strike force in 6 eastern European countries, because “they feel threatened by the latest Russian aggression”. As if Putin is going to invade Poland, the Baltic states and others… No, the only intention the USA and its vassals have, is creating regime change in Russia, to make it bow to them as it did in Yeltsin’s days. I’m taking Putin’s side on this one, he seems to be our only hope in these dark days! Slava Rossiya! And a great day to you all from Belgium 😉

    1. Americans don’t want any more war. We recognize that Russia has a right to control the sphere that is directly around them, and more over” Most educated Americans can see the Secret Shadow Government that is run by the NEO-COns and Israel Firster’s, and what they are up to. We need peace, and we need to focus on business, not war.

      Thank you for your very good comment, on this very important subject. Best regards to you folks in Belgium !

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