headlines we would like to see … Mounting concern over Israels influence on U.S. Policy and Politics

State and Federal Lawmakers have put forth a bill designed to reduce the influence of Foreign governments and their Paramilitary counterparts influence on U.S. politics.

An unnamed high ranking official who wishes to remain anonymous claims that terrorist attacks often come from State actors, and are often overlooked due to the close working relationships with some of   the U.S. perceived allies.

The message here is that America can no longer afford to be associated with Terror States, or Apartheid Regimes, and will no longer fund illegal conflicts that have no real purpose or benefit to the American people.

The need to Nationalize and enact NOFORN laws is overdue. The U.S. is expected to save in excess of 80 Billion dollars in foreign aid to Israel alone in the first decade of the law should it be adopted.


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