Blogging and Freedom of Speech, True Reflections on the censorship of the written word.

Somewhere, someone is blogging about the cost of braces, or the need for a public library. Perhaps they are simply writing their thoughts down about a subject that is important to them. I have seen some bloggers who treat their blog as if it were a diary of sorts, recording life events for themselves or someone they love.

Some people manage support groups, literary projects , daily news forums or information blogs concerning just about any topic you may imagine.

Open source sharing of knowledge and experience. Networking with other professionals and amateurs alike. Blogging is part of our history, and part of our evolution.

This is hallowed ground, and must not be censored because of the politics of the day, or the crime of the day. All human beings have feelings, and all human feelings have significance in our human experience and our natural history.

Like the diary’s of war veterans and letters written home from journeys across time and our world, these words, these phrases and thoughts, are a large part of who we are, and who we will become.

Someday, people will look back in time, and read our words, they will come to understand our trials, our progress as well as our failings. They will have this unique ability because of our continued desire to share our love, anger, joy and fears with the written word.

Say no to censorship of the written word.


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