10 hard facts about the Holocaust

Truth, wonderful Truth.. The Time for freedom is near. History will tear to tatters what has been fed to the world known as the Holocaust.

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Uprooted from their homes and families, the hundreds of thousands of brutalised people were greeted by these words at the gate of their new home: “Arbeit macht frei”: “Freedom through work”.

It was a cruel lie. The Nazi butchers had other plans for Europe’s Jews.

Like animals, the victims were herded by uniformed men with guns into barracks then systematically worked to death, or sent to the gas chambers. Some even had horrific medical experiments performed on them.

More than one million of them were murdered.

Seventy years later, the world has been reminded: Never forget.

Elderly Holocaust survivors have this week returned to the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, 70 years after it was liberated, to bear witness to one of history’s worst atrocities.

Around 300 survivors, some of them wearing scarves in the blue-and-white stripes of their camp uniforms, joined world leaders for an emotional memorial at the…

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