Deadly Philippines car bomb

Gladio B in action, look for more of this activity in the region” As well as major events in China and Turkmenistan. The NWO WZ need distractions, and American Muscle. Remember …. America can be moved.

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Footage of the moment a car bomb exploded near a bus terminal in the southern Philippines has been posted online.

The blast, that killed two people and left 53 injured on Friday afternoon in the volatile Mindanao province, was captured by a bystander on their mobile phone, ABS reports.

The video shows a car burning in front of a videoke bar when it explodes, sending out a massive shockwave that hits passing motorists.

Authorities said Zamboanga City had been receiving threats after the military launched a crackdown on the Islamist Abu Sayyaf Group.

The city was placed under red alert after a failed jailbreak involving Abu Sayyaf leader Furuji Indama.

Zamboanga’s mayor Beng Climaco said the terrorist group could be behind the blast in a bid to free 57 of their “high value” members from the city’s jail.

“We have received notices (from the intelligence community) that they are…

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