Israel and the Humiliation of America…by Sami Jamil Jadallah

Whether we like Barack Obama or not, he is our president and he represents America’s dignity and its world status and we should never accept the humiliation of our president and our country at the hand of a “client” state, Israel. A country, which but for the US its leaders and many of its soldiers and security officers, past and present will be behind bars.

No country or international leadership even in the good old days of the Cold War dared to humiliate America and its leadership like Israel did and does, over and over and over. This time around, the humiliation is in partnership with non other than Speaker of the the American Knesset, John Boehner. We must wait and see if the Democrats stand up for America or cow to Israel.

Not so sure if this is the last time, Washington will allow Tel-Aviv to humiliate America and its people. Too bad for America, most of its elected even appointed leadership dare not stand up for America, specially when it comes to Israel, knowing well the humiliating powers AIPAC and the Israeli First can inflict on those who dare to stand up for America.

The Israeli ambassador, Don Dermer, the son of the former mayor of Miami Beach, no doubt a dual national and a “former” Republican operative initiated the discussions that led to the American Knesset Speaker of the House Boehner inviting Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to speak before a joint sessions of Congress in March, certainly Bibi not Boehner will set the American Knesset domestic and foreign agenda.

No doubt Iran will be on the top of the agenda with Bibi, lecturing Congress on the virtues of democracy, freedoms, human rights, citizenship, loyalty, terrorism, anti-semitism, inciting Islamophobia, certainly ordering the American Knesset to abort any possible agreement with Iran, perhaps asking the American Knesset to declare yet, another Israeli war, this time against Iran.

The Republican leadership of both the House and Senate with well-established destain for the President, not so sure if it is political or racial, have shown its readiness to support Boehner and his invitation to Bibi Netanyahu. Speaker Boehner, made sure, as an added insult to the President certainly to the American people, chose not to consult with the White House signaling that he and not the White House will formulate America’s foreign policy for the remaining tenure of President Obama and in violations of the separation of powers.

Israel and for the record had a long history of humiliating the US. From stealing nuclear material for its nuclear bombs (Apollo Nuclear Plant) to the cold blooded murder of US sailors (USS Liberty) during Johnson’s years, to standing up to President George Bush on the loan guarantees, to continuous spying on the US during Nixon, Reagan, Clinton years, to undermining our national security prior to, during and after September 11th.

Israel through its agents and Fifth Column throughout various US administrations, made sure its agents and Fifth Columns are appointed in key administration positions in the White House, in State, certainly in Defense formulating policies that proved over time a total disaster to the US, costing trillions of dollars, tens of thousands American soldiers dead and injured, always endangering America’s interests and putting American citizens in harms way.

Rather than speaking before a joint session of Congress, Bibi Netanyahu should be arrest by the FBI for violating US laws specially the case related to the illegal smuggling of 800 nuclear trigger (krytron) encrypted radios, ballistic missiles propellant among others, a case investigated by the FBI back in 2012, never brought to conclusion.

We have to wait and see if Nancy Pelosi, a powerful ally of Israel and the Democratic leadership, and House and Senate Democrat will take the courageous step and walk out on Bibi’s speech sending a strong message to Bibi and to the Israeli lobby that when it comes to America and its dignity, the Democrats are American First. Next election we should remember all those who stood up for America and those who proved they are Israeli-First.


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