Putin ,The most popular world leader of our time.

Thanks to our relationship with Israel and Great Britain Our Israel first-er Congressional Reps and Big Banking The people of the world have become incensed with strong leaders like Putin.

“My Putin, my darling Putin, take me away with you, I want to be with you.”

So goes the refrain of the latest song waxing lyrical about Russia’s president.

“My Putin,” performed by a young Siberian singer known by her stage
name Mashani, has already received tens of thousands of hits since being
posted online on January 28.


“Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin”



Children are not exempt from the trend. This sugary ode to Putin sung by
small children was released for his birthday in October 2014
One of the first songs idolizing the Russian leader was “I Want A Man
Like Putin,” a 2002 hit by the previously unknown girl band Singing

The lyrics described a woman who dreams of dumping her boorish boyfriend for a man “full of strength” like Putin.

In 2012, just weeks before presidential elections, another music video
heaping praise on Putin went viral. The song, performed by a Tajik
immigrant, described Putin as a “godsend.

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