Eurasian Economic Union: Israel plans “Free Trade Zones” in Russia and China

Not surprising news, Israel always plays both sides and since the U.S. and its EURO allies are on the precipice of collapse,…. Israel will need another Super State to bilk out of trillions of dollars. Hopefully the American people will see the Garrison Apartheid Client State for what t really is…. A Financially Parasitic Drain.

Follow The Money

As the world is increasingly divided up into geographic “regions” under regional regimes cobbled together under the guise of pseudo-“free trade,” Israeli authorities are now quietly working to create what they call “free trade zones” with both the Communist Chinese regime and the Kremlin-dominated Eurasian Economic Union (member countries shown in green). The negotiations, officially announced this week, come as globalist plotters around the world accelerate their now-open efforts to subvert national sovereignty at a regional level — all on the road toward what top officials from Beijing and Moscow to London and Washington, D.C., regularly and openly refer to as their “New World Order.”

Speaking in Moscow on January 26, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, and Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman celebrated the effort to yoke the Jewish state together with the emerging Eurasian Union super-state. “Several dozen countries have come up with…

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