In spite of allegations of disability, Putin still most popular leader in the free world.

Despite the  State Controlled Main Stream Media story that broke yesterday on Fox News, Vladimir Putin The president of Russia ” Is still ranked higher than any other world leader.

Putin’s strong stance against the NWO World Zionist and their affiliated Criminal organizations has garnered him the Top Spot in the world leader arena.

Americans and Russians alike are pleased with President Putin and his handling of the Ukraine crisis and The budding aerospace industry in Iran.

Putin enjoys popular support in the U.S. , Canada , India and China just to name a few.

Here is the dubious story from Fox News, A state Run institution, based n the U.S.

Pentagon study from 2008 claims Putin has Asperger’s syndrome:

This story goes to prove that the disabled have much to offer, and in this case a gentleman such as Putin has overcome great odds, to become the worlds most popular leader in recent memory.


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