Vagina Monologues …

Breaking Propaganda :

The New World Ziathilon has taken a Toll on the intrinsic value of the Human Vagina it seems and during a recent poll that was taken, researchers encountered a phenomenon known as flesh pounding.

Smartphone users polled ” indicated that the recession had affected their attitude towards relationships and sex.

Below are some response from some polled. We are not necessarily in agreement with these and have reserved the right to delete responses that we deem insulting, racist or unoriginal, but last but not least, Our standard disclaimer to any one that makes Anti-Semitic remarks will be deleted faster than a Monkey can shit upside down and get out from under neath it before any poo gets on hm… That s very fast indeed.

Don from Mannitoba said ;   In this economy its just not good business sense to have any commitments that you cant walk away from in 6 weeks. For my money   ” Its net flics , pizza and beer ” every time !

Roger from Tulsa  sad :    In this economy,  ” Never take your eyes off the balls ” Ever !!

John from Lake Havasu said ;  With all the free porn out there,  Why bother trying to get free milk, much less try to buy the cow !

Kumandi from Reno said ;  The Catholics own the world, The Protestants want the world, and us Brothers, We just enjoys the world…No what I sayin Bra !

A Jones from Dallas said : I think its clear that the Illuminati and the Bilderbergs have been behind the Globalist plan to enslave humanity and use homosexuality and cuckolding to inflate and deflate the value of the human vagina.Lets not forget that Bil Gates and Monsanto has their fingers in there also.

Pastor P. Begersly from Indiana said ; This is an apocalyptic, cataclysmic, undeniable prophetic sign of the coming of the messiah. BTW … I just love Israel ,….. Did I mention that I just cherish Israel ….

Larry Stint From Hussy Magazine said ; We have been forced to ask all our adult entertainers, including males ” to take a pay cut. Our researchers concur that the problems not with the vagina itself, but is in fact a management issue.

A Dick from Utah said ; there is nothing more precious and endearing, than a good, hols-um vagina . You cant put a value on that, you just cant…. It is more than just a blessing in disguise.


Those are a few samples of mainstream society, and we respect those opinions and beliefs. We also respect the folks who feel that the economy has not affected the value of the human vagina and more over, reject the notion that a monetary value could be placed on a human appendage. Be it male or female. We are an equal opportunity employer.


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