Get the Hell out of Our Country !… Posted by Preston James, Ph.D on February 5, 2015…Now that we have the Able Danger Report showing the names of the Israeli-American “Israeli first” Dual Citizens who did the nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01, it’s time for them to leave America and take their Espionage Fronts and Fiat Counterfeiting Operations with them.


by  Preston James and Mike Harris

Why does everything seem to be going against mainstream, ordinary Americans, making it almost impossible for hard working folks to just get by, trying to pay their bills and live modestly?

Why does the USG and the Major Mass Media seem to have become a tool of the rich 1% and other special interests, while ignoring the true needs and wishes of We The People?

Why does our elected Congress just keep passing an endless cascade of new laws (aka large financial Corporate Welfare packages) for special interests that are clearly against our interests, that is the interest of “We The People?”

6corps-320x3163Why does the Major Mass Media continue to tell lies which support Big Corporate Interests and Big Government Lies that are obviously false upon any close examination of the related evidence?

Why are average Americans working harder and harder, longer hours, many a second part-time job, just to get by?

Why are the prices in the grocery store continually rising with smaller and smaller portions?

Why is there continual inflation unaccompanied by adequate salary or hour wage increases?

Why do the ultra-rich 1% who now own 80% of American assets pay little or no taxes while the average middle class taxes just keep going up and how come our Funding Fathers only allowed Excise or import taxes?

How can we really own our own homes when they are confiscated for non-payment of property taxes which some experts say are completely Unconstitutional and the property taxes are increased almost every years despite dropping values?

sledge-(R)Why are the amount of real estate taxes spent on school always going up when the birth rate and population of students is always dropping?

Why are the school administrations so bloated and why are the schools crawling with Intel and being militarized? Where is all this vast money going? Why is Wi-Fi so intense that some teachers, aides or kids are having psychomotor seizures?

The big tax dollars are not going to the teachers that’s for sure, because many are underpaid and harassed by Administration if they do not tow the Globalist Agenda?

Why do the public schools promote homosexuality, perversion, diversity and extreme political correctness as a normal?

Why is our USG and Major mass media obsessed with pushing political correctness, diversity, perversions and Globalism as normal?

Why does our USG claim Terrorists are hiding everywhere trying to get us, sneaking into America and waiting to blow us up, when they go to extreme limits to keep the Southern border open, allow and encourage millions of illegals to cross it and come to use American Welfare and hospitals and schools for free, which drags our economy down?

Why does the USG lie and say we are short of necessary high tech workers and then bring in so many foreign engineers and workers when we already have an excess and many who can’t find work?

SMALL_ourlittleponzischeme1 (2)Why are there so few good job opportunities for mainstream America and a continually falling standard of living while so many Wall Street Bankers are getting Trillion Dollar Bailouts?

Why are the CEOs of the major International Corporations getting huge, indecent multi-million dollar salaries and stock options on top of that when many of their workers barely earn enough to scape by?

Why is the economy so bad that many young people join the now all volunteer US Military to be sent to fight in wars for Israel, the Banksters, defense contractors, wars that are clearly illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable and perpetual?

Why are the Military recruiters allowed to hang around High schools and lie through their teeth and deceive many young folks into fighting these illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual wars of acquisition for Israel and the World Zionists?

bank-run__thomas_jefferson___joeforamerica__comWhy do we have the Federal Reserve System which is always run by World Zionist Babylonian Talmudic Judaics and why is this system allowed in America when it is clearly illegal, Unconstitutional and against the interests of all mainstream Americans?

Why are our Police being militarized and armed by the USG with armored cars and tanks, fully automatic machine guns and grenade launchers and why do they often wear all black Nazi SS type uniforms and face masks that hide their identities?

Why do we have the presence of the sinister Homeland Security that has hijacked and combined all of our Alphabets and Law Enforcement into one large East German Stasi type Occupation Force for Israel inside America? How was this ever permitted to happen? Why didn’t our Congress protect us from this obvious foreign military occupation by Israeli World Zionists?

Why did our Congress and Presidents allow Israel to hijack our NSA on behalf of the WZs and allow the NSA to download all of their raw data to Israel, which is Treason?

Here is an excerpt from an NSA document entered into the public domain by Edward Snowden which shows that the top NSA leadership are now continually committing Treason and Sedition against America, and serving as accessories to espionage done against America by Israel. Note these are capital crimes:

VOL. 44


No. 1
P. 265

Documents and Source Material: United States

In June 2013, then-NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked thousands of internal NSA documents to several international journalists, including Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras. Greenwald proceeded to report on those documents, releasing some of them to the public, initially for the Guardian and then for the Intercept, an online news site launched by French-Iranian-American billionaire Pierre Omidyar in February 2014.

On 4 August, Greenwald published an article on the Intercept titled “Cash, Weapons, and Surveillance: The U.S. is a Key Party to Every Israeli Attack” alongside two Snowden-leaked documents on U.S.-Israeli intelligence cooperation. Taken together, the article and documents showed that although the Obama administration largely acted as a bystander throughout the Israeli assault in July and August 2014, the U.S. was directly complicit in Israel’s action.

Reproduced below is the full text of one of the documents Greenwald published, a 19 April 2013 internal NSA assessment of the agency’s relationship with its Israeli counterpart, the SIGINT National Unit (ISNU), as well as broader U.S.-Israeli intelligence cooperation. The other document, an agreement made between the NSA and the ISNU in 1993, is available at Greenwald’s article is available in the Press section of this issue.


NSA maintains a far-reaching technical and analytical relationship with the Israeli SIGINT National Unit (INSU) sharing information on access, intercept, targeting, language, analysis and reporting. This SIGINT relationship has increasingly been the catalyst for a broader intelligence relationship between the United States and Israel. Significant changes in the way NSA and ISNU have traditionally approached SIGINT have prompted an expansion to include other Israeli and U.S. intelligence organizations such as CIA, Mossad, and Special Operation Division (SOD).

Key Issues

The single largest exchange between NSA and ISNU is on targets in the Middle East which constitute strategic threats to U.S. and Israeli interests. Building upon a robust analytic exchange, NSA and ISNU also have explored and executed unique opportunities to gain access to high priority targets. The mutually agreed upon geographic targets include the countries of North Africa, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, South Asia, and the Islamic republics of the former Soviet Union. Within that set of countries, cooperation covers the exploitation of internal governmental, military, civil, and diplomatic communications; and external transnational target set. A dedicated communications line between NSA and ISNU supports the exchange of raw material, as well as daily analytic and technical correspondence. Both NSA and ISNU have liaison   officers, who conduct foreign relations functions, stationed at their respective embassies.

What NSA Provides to ISNU

The Israeli side enjoys the benefits of expanded geographic access to world-class NSA cryptanalytic and SIGINT engineering expertise, and also gains controlled access to advanced U.S. technology and equipment via accommodation buys and foreign military sales.

What ISNU Provides to NSA

Benefits to the U.S. include expanded geographic access to high priority SIGINT targets, access to world-class Israeli cryptanalytic and SIGINT engineering expertise, and access to a large pool of highly qualified analysts.

Success Stories

A key priority for ISNU is the Iranian nuclear development program, followed b Syrian nuclear efforts, Lebanese Hizballah plans and intentions, Palestinian terrorism, and Global Jihad. Several recent and successful joint operations between NSA and ISNU have broadened both organizations’ ability to target and exploit Iranian nuclear efforts. In addition, a robust and dynamic cryptanalytic relationship has enabled breakthroughs on high priority Iranian targets.

NSA and ISNU continue to initiate joint targeting of Syrian and Iranian leadership and nuclear development programs with CIA, ISNU, SOD and Mossad. This exchange has been particularly important as unrest in Syria continues, and both sides work together to identify threats to regional stability. NSA’s cyber partnerships expanded beyond ISNU to include Israeli Defense Intelligence’s SOD and Mossad, resulting in unprecedented access and collection breakthroughs that all sides acknowledge would not have been possible to achieve without the others.

In July 2012, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) provided guidance for expanding sharing with the GOI (Government of Israel) on Egypt. This approval has allowed NSA to task for ISNU on select strategic issues, specifically terrorist elements in Sinai.

Beyond the traditional SIGINT relationship, NSA and ISNU signed a MOU in September 2011 providing for Information Assurance/Computer Network Defense collaboration. NSA’s information Assurance Deputy Director attended an IA/CND conference in Tel Aviv in January 2012 during which NSA and ISNU established objectives for the relationship. NSA intends to focus the collaboration on cyber threats from Iran, Hizballah, and other regional actors and may provide limited, focused support on specific Russian and Chinese cyber threats. Conferences to further develop this partnership were held in May 2012 and December 2012.

NSA and ISNU led their communities in the establishment of U.S.-Israeli Intelligence Community VTC connectivity that allows both sides to broaden and accelerate the pace of collaboration against targets’ use of advanced telecommunications. Target sets include, but are not limited to Iran Nuclear, Syrian Foreign Fighter movements, Lebanese Hizballah and Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps activities. Dialogue is ongoing, with each potential new intelligence or technology initiative considered for approval individually.


The three most common concerns raised by ISNU regarding the partnership with NSA is NSA’s reluctance to share on technology that is not directly related to a specific target, ISNU’s perceived reduction in the amount and degree of cooperation in certain areas, and the length of time NSA takes to decide on ISNU proposals. Efforts in these three areas have been addressed with the partner and NSA continues to work to increase cooperation with ISNU, where appropriate and mindful of U.S. policy and equity concerns.



Why is the FBI permitted to use millions of taxpayer dollars to keep setting up, mind-kontrolling retarded or mentally ill patsies to impersonate terrorists and try to set off bombs provided by FBI undercover agents?

Why aren’t these agents arrested for acts of terror or conspiracy to engage in acts of Terror, clear major felonies with life imprisonment or capital punishment if Treason was proved, which wouldn’t be too hard?

DO NOT EXPOSE OUR EVILWhy have most of our heavy industrial and manufacturing jobs been exported, first to Mexico, then to China and other foreign nations with no suitable duties when we need these jobs here?

Why do our elected Members of Congress knowingly allow the CIA to traffick massive amounts of illegal drugs into America to destroy our inner urban areas and parasitize the people living there?

Why do our elected Members of Congress knowingly allow a faction of our US Army to traffick huge amounts of Opium out of Afghanistan using Global Hawk remote controlled aircraft into America to get more and more young Americans addicted in order to destroy their lives.

Why do our members of Congress allow the WZs to control the FDA, the CDC and allow a massive covert depopulation plan to be instituted to reduce America families and transform men into feminine hormone deficient losers, and women into fat men haters, basically de-sexualizing them and gender-bending them into sexual-inverts that cannot reproduce. This program is characterized by contaminated vaccines, fluoridation of water, milk and food, wide deployment of plastic endocrine-disrupting containers, and massive inappropriate prescription of Fluoride based drugs which bypass sewer processing and end up in the public water systems with fluorine.


Why do our members of Congress and our heads of agencies supposed to be protecting our health allow these WZs to deploy their massive WZ long term program to destroy the family economically, destroy normal male and female sex roles all as a means to reduce the our population of what they secretly refer to us as Goyim worthy of use, abuse and murder.

Why does our Congress and Government allow the WZs to use their WZ Babylonian Talmudic Cutouts to push massive pornography and Hollywood values and culture (aka Hollywoodism) on the American masses. Is this all part of their secret war against Americans, folks they have been reported to be secretly referring to as “dumb Goyim.”

Yes, something is terribly, terribly wrong here in America! And it seems to have been going on a very long time and getting progressively worse at a very rapid rate lately.


In the rest of this article we are going to answer these questions by providing detailed information about the root causes that has been excised from the history books and never before made available to Americans or anyone else in the World for that matter.

AIPACWe know that Veterans Today has many readers who are in the current High Military command and are America-firsters, stand up men and women who will read this article carefully and learn from it. It is dedicated to these fine folks that are now in position to take charge and right these horrible injustices to American and America the Republic.

Now that yo have the full support of many Americans and especially many Vets who are sick and tired of being misused in other people’s wars, then later to be ignored and abandoned after serving America diligently.

When you are done reading this article you will understand exactly how America has been infiltrated by the WZ Foreign Power based in the City of London, how many of our key Institutions of Government and Finance have been hijacked, and how this WZ Foreign Entity has been able to asset strip and thus parasitize most of America.

You will also understand how it has used nuclear blackmail our leaders into allowing them to consolidate American Alphabets and set up their own large Stasi-type internal Police State army occupation force, designed to transform America into Gaza II, the World’s largest open-aired prison camp to then be followed by a systematic extermination of 90& of all Americans.

You will learn why this Entity has done all this because of a long standing motive of revenge for Americans winning the revolutionary War.

You will begin to realize that this foreign entity, an enemy within our gates, has been doing all this with the final goal in mind of destroying our Constitution and Rule of Law and our very Republic after parasitizing our institutions in order to asset strip all of our vast wealth and resources. And you will understand why if they are not stopped cold now they will be able to destroy America and mass murder 90% of all Americans which is their stated plan actually etched in a large stone monument in the southern state of Georgia.

But there is much more history to this evil plague on Planet Earth, this disease of Babylonian Talmudism, aka Bolshevism and Neo-Bolshevism. These Malignant Judaic Tribalists (Russian Bolsheviks) that invaded Germany at the end of WW2 were, allowed to proceed deep into Germany because of FDR’s agreement with the Bolshehviks at Yalta and Truman’s ordered murder of General George Patton, both being swayed by Harry Hopkins and other American traitors. The Bolsheviks Russians could have been quite easily defeated by Allied Forces since their supply lines were very long and fragile. Instead of crushing the Bolshevik Beast it was allow to feed on more blood, this time German Blood. Asa the Russian Judaic run Bolshehvik forces moved into German territories, they raped and pillaged who communities of innocent civilians. Any female 3 or above was unmercilessly and repeated raped, most them murdered afterwards in a repeat bloodletting of the Judaic Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917.

Folks should never be surprise when the Israeli Likudist Neo-Bolshevik malignant Tribalists unleash their blood-fest on innocent Palestinians. Last time they mass-murdered over 2,000 and purposely destroyed a UN school filled with innocent students. This pernicious Malignant Judaic Tribalism (Bolshevism and neo-Bolshevism) is a bloodthirsty monster that must be periodically fed with the blood of innocence, especially women and children. It is the greatest Evil that has ever erupted on Planet Earth and plagued humanity, worse than any virus or plague.

And if you think that these Malignant Judaic Tribalist Dual and Triple Israeli-first Citizens set up Homeland SDecurity to protect America from foreign Terrorists, you are naive. DHS was set up to transform America into GAZA II the biggest open air prison camp in the World and begin their oppression and tyranny of Americans in earnest culminating in the same mass executions and blood-fest they did in Russia in 1917 and when these Bolsheviks invaded Germany at the end of WW2. Unless the American People wake up and stop this Neo-Bolshevik occupation of America, we will end up being genocided like the Palestinians and all our land and accrued wealth will be stolen by these parasites.

We_the_Jewish_people_control_America (2)

What specifically is this Entity that has infiltrated, hijacked and is now parasitizing America and We The People?

This Entity is the World Zionists (WZs) based in the City of London Financial District inside London (referred to as “the City” or “the Baby” by most elites), and this is a separate nation state with its own territorial sovereignty and diplomatic corps. It is essentially the private occult power network of the Rothschild private Fiat Central Bankers who run central banks in most countries of the World. It is referred to as “the Baby” by super-elites who use this term to secretly signal each other they are talking about the Rothschild family private worldwide fiat Bankster System.


World Zionism (WZ) is actually an anti-human very wealthy Organized Crime Cabal that also known as the OCC.

It gets all it money and power from counterfeiting money and pretending to legitimate Central Bankers, trafficking in vast amounts of illegal narcotics, illegal weapons trafficking including stole US manufactured and decommissioned nukes, sex trafficking, pedophile trafficking, sex slavery, prostitution, murder with organ stripping and organ trafficking, insurance company fraud, massive mortgage fraud, gambling and every sick twisted crime for money one could ever imagine.

3d230d44-320x285Why do the super-elites refer to this Rothschild Fiat Central Banking System as “the Baby?”

Most VT readers will be learning of this for the very first time and the information was provided by an informant who has been deep within this system.

The use of this  term “the Baby” is a secret code word that refers to what is known as the Babylonian Talmudists who run this Worldwide Fiat central Banking System.

Many experts consider little more than a private counterfeiting system for these Babylonian Talmudists who specialize in “making money from nothing” and lending it to those who were supposed to own it themselves in the first place and charging them interest (this is called pernicious usury).

What is “Mystery Babylon?”

Some experts who have studied this refer to this Rothschild private Fiat Central Banking System as “Mystery Babylon” because it is based on using the ancient Babylonian Talmudic Black Art Luciferian/Satanic skills of casting alchemical spells on and mind-kontrolling the people of the World in order to manipulate and con them into allowing them to operate this “largest scam in history”, making money out of nothing.

20120724---7-24-2012-the_med_hrAfter studying this Rothschild City of London hijacking of the American Monetary production and distribution system in depth, we can now inform you that without question, the Federal reserve Act was passed because the Rothschild paid bribes to weak minded traitorous US Congressmen to pass the Federal Reserve Act on Christmas eve with no legal quorum.

Here is what every American needs to know. These Rothschild private Fiat Central Bankers and their Franchisees like the stateside Federal Reserve System amassed enormous power to buy, bribe and control US elected Politicians and USG Officials y printing or issuing all the money they need to do so and charging interest as pernicious usury for Americans to “rent” their own money which was technically always their in the first place.

gd3 (2)World Zionist (WZ) power is “counterfeit money” power and power gained from immoral pernicious usury, a plague on the human race that causes massive debt-slavery and starvation worldwide.

Yes it was this enormous power obtained by completely fraudulent acquisition of money power that has allowed the Rothschild System (the World Zionists) to corrupt almost every political system of the World at one time or another.

Now if these folks were good, moral and caring in the first place there would have been no problem for us and they would not have hijacked American Monetary Production and Distribution System and charged pernicious usury for using our own money.

The problem is that these Rothschilds (aka WZs) are not good, caring normal human beings, in fact they are evil creatures of the night that have no souls, and would have a hard time proving they were real humans in a suitable Court of Law. These creatures of the night relish war, chaos, mass human suffering and painful mass death by the millions in order to make vast fortunes off of such and to apparently appease their negative energy needs to sacrifice, torture and make millions of humans suffer painful deaths.

They use all their massive money power to pre-stage and engineer wars and then lend massive amounts of counterfeit money to both sides so they can buy tons of weapons and munitions with which to kill each other. This of course puts huge war profits in the pockets of the Banksters and their large International Defense Contractors and mass murders and wounds many which is a main goal of the WZs.


The Key to understanding all this and to being able to truly understand what the World Zionist Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) does to infiltrate, hijack, asset strip and parasitize many nations around the World including America.

The Rothschild WZs basically run a large Worldwide Death Cult they feel is assigned the responsibility by Lucifer to minister mass death and human suffering to the masses to reduce the population, purify the human race and do all this as a big ongoing human sacrifice to their god Lucifer.

As trite as this sounds, this is a fact and can be supported by facts for anyone that spends the time necessary to research this.


These Rothschild WZs have no ancient Hebrew Blood, and thus have no right to call themselves Semites.

they are converts to Judaism and many have been socialized by Judaic culture, but also mind-kontrolled by the World Zionists from the City of London. Although they pretend to be Judaics, they are not and are hard core Luciferians/Satanists and secretly hate the Torah Judaics, and Judiacs in general as well.

These Rothschild WZs set up the so-called Judaic “Holocaust” which was a very craft covert operation done in stages. First in 1933 the WZs ran a campaign and a public Declaration of War and a massive boycott by “Judea” against against German businesses in order to stimulate anger and blame of Germans toward the Judaics in Germany and Europe.


Then they proceeded to use their Rothschild banks in England and on Wall Street in America to finance and build up the Nazi system and installed their own mind-kontrolled puppet Adolf Hitler who was British Secret Agent. The WZs thoroughly mind-kontrolled Hitler at Tavistock Institute in the UK during the period 1921-22.

Then the rest is history. Hitler had the Judaics kidnapped at gun point and put into Work Camps, separating the men from the women and children. These Work Camps supplied arms, munitions and manufactured goods needed for the Nazi war machine and actually put large profits in the Western Corporations who were often involved at the highest levels in managing the output of these camps and who had been deeply involved in supporting, supplying and doing business with Nazi Germany before and during WW2. Then when the war was coming to an end the German army surrendered, but the Nazi SS and the Nazi Party never did , but merely received immunity for the most part and was exported to America under operation paperclip and all over the World via the Vatican’s ratlines.


The Nazi Slave Labor Work Camps for Judaics were conceived and implemented by City of London World Zionists (WZs) in a very crafty plan.

The reason the WZs implemented the Work Camps and turned them into centers for persecution, slave labor and then massive death at the end of the war by making sure supply lines were attacked by allied bombers, was to create a massive Judaic paranoid racial delusion that could be used into perpetuity to deflect any criticism of the WZs, their Cutouts or any Judaic anywhere.

In this way the WZs could use Judaism as cover and solidify their mystical secret relationship with them and inculcate Judaics with more and more of their WZ Babylonian Talmudic paranoid group psychoses so they can deploy them at will to do their dirty work with absolutely no conscience. This is best referred to as institutional religion based psychopathy.

Now we will explain to you how the WZs have conned, manipulated and mind-kontrolled many Judaics to do their dirty work.

These Rothschild WZs are very crafty and have conned and used the average Judaic, transforming a significant portion of them into ardent World Zionists which is actually against the best interest of Judaics in the long run. In order to transform so many Judaics into ardent WZs they have made a heavy duty subconscious transaction with them.

It is a known fact that the Rothschild WZs have hijacked and accrued (aka stolen) most of the World’s money and wealth off the labors of the common man’s back and own most of the very top career paths into the lucrative professions like law, medicine, and government.

They pass these top career paths and positions out to their “Judaic brothers and sisters” if they feel certain these folks will adopt their WZ positions and work hard to protect the interests of the WZs exclusive to anyone else’s interests. in practical terms this means the WZs have used their endless money power to drive non-Judaics or those who would oppose WZ supremacy out of the top positions in Academia, the professions, including law and medicine.

Judaics with allegiance to the WZs have taken over all major institutions in America.

So we have a situation where all the major institutions in America have been infiltrated and taken over by Judaics who owe allegiance to these top Rothschild WZs whether they know it or not. They have in essence “made a deal with the Devil” to get to the top of the social/economic food chain whose positions and access tracks are controlled by the WZs.

This has produced what is best described as pernicious and malignant Babylonian Talmudist Judaism, also best known as World Zionist Judaism, a very toxic form of Judaism which is actually a socially conditioned paranoid racial delusion masquerading as a state religion of Israel.

It is this radical, pernicious, malignant WZ Judaism which has created such a massive group thought disorder and cognitive distortion in so many of the Israelis that they can mass murder Palestinians (and snipe Palestinians children) while blaming the Palestinians.

This WZ control of America and its institutions has been gained by use of the massive Money Power of the Federal Reserve who infiltrated and hijacked America beginning in 1913 with their bribed passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

Yes, the WZ’s are the engine behind this insane paranoid racial delusion which they con Judaics with in order to draft them to serve as their cutouts. Now that you have been informed of how these WZs invoke the twin Psyop weapons of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial to prevent any criticism of their WZ crimes often done through Judaic Cutouts who have caught this WZ “social and cultural virus” of Pernicious Malignant Judaic World Zionism.

It’s a fact that these WZs or the average Judaics do not use the term “Semite” properly and most are not even Semites (ancient Hebrew Blood) like the Palestinians or many of the Arabs in the Middle East. A Semite has a direct, unbroken line to ancient Hebrew Blood and most Judaics in Israel and America have none, but have Ashkenazi of Khazarian Slavic bloodlines, but they all have adopted the Judaic religion and many the culture too and some have become hardcore World Zionists.


The core of the World Zionists (WZs) is Bolshevism which is covert Luciferianism aka Satanism and involves semi-annual child sacrifice.

What we are experiencing in America is best described as neo-Bolshevism and is based on a deep dark secret that the WZs have incredibly anti-human, sadistic and mass homicidal religious “death worship” beliefs which are based on Babylonian Talmudism, aka Luciferianism, technically Satanism.

Take renown Harvard Attorney Alan Dershowitz, who is a hard core WZ and who defended a known pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who was convicted but received an inappropriately small sentence because of perhaps Dershowitz’s extreme skill or maybe his deep WZ connections, who knows? Dershowitz has been quick to attack the rights of gun owners and seems to be the WZ poster boy for kissing-ass to the WZs and in exchange being propelled upward in their WZ system of power, status and money. But now testimony has appeared by a young lady who claims to have been an under-aged sex slave of Jeffrey Epstein (and there are other young lady friends of hers who support her claims), that Dershowitz had sex with her while underage on several occasions.

This lady Virginia Roberts is now suing Dershowitz for this alleged under age sexual abuse and damage it caused her and Dershowitz seems to be cracking at the seams, and coming unglued, threatening to have the Attorneys representing this victim disbarred. Is Dershowitz guilty? It wouldn’t be surprising, but let him have his day in court. So far the reports of the victim and other girls involved at the time who corroborate Virginia Robert’s narrative seem overwhelmingly bad for old Alan Dershowitz. If true and this WZ man is convicted in this civil case, hopefully he will have to pay very large damages and be made an example for rich powerful WZ Judaics not to prey on underage “shicksas”.

What exactly is the World Zionist (WZ) Network that has infiltrated many of the Institutions and government of most governments of the World?

Yes, WZs have been able to infiltrate many of the institutions and government of most countries due to the massive Rothschild Counterfeit money power behind these WZ parasites. This incredible Rothschild money power even though based on the massive Counterfeiting Fraud of Fiat private central banking and its pernicious usury, the greatest scam and financial fraud in history, has provided the muscle for WZs to infiltrate and hijack most USG institutions.

This infiltration and hijacking is done by buying votes for politicians by the WZs making big political contributions no longer limited thanks to the crooks Supreme Court decision of Citizen’s United. In fact a wealthy WZ Crime Kingpin Sheldon Adelson who made millions off of prostitution and sex trafficking personal financed the large Republic win in the last Federal Election.

So now we have an obvious merger between the Republican Party Kingpins and the WZ and their Israeli Likudist Cutouts. This parallels the earlier merger between the Bush Crime cabal (BCC) and the International Zionist Crime Cabal (IZCS) which occurred soon after the BCC ran the Assassination of JFK and seized power, which they still hold today but are being challenged by several competitors including the WZs.

What exactly is the World Zionist (WZ) Occult Network that is essentially worldwide?

Some refer to this occult network as the “Synagogue of Satan as Jesus Christ is recorded to have done did. This weird cult of World Zionism (Babylonian Talmudism) is not religious at all, is a complete enemy of all mankind (even the Judaic true believers it used as Cutouts). This Babylonian Talmudic World Zionism (WZ) is the most evil cult that ever existed. It thrives on parasitically asset stripping others of their hard earned wealth, plundering their women, pedophiling their young children and then mass-murdering them. It is high time it is fully exposed, fully prosecuted by an appropriate Court and brought to Justice and Final Judgement.

Now here is the WZ’s true Achilles Heel in America. The Judaics who serve as WZ Cutouts, the PNACers, the Top NeoCons and the top Directors of AIPAC, JINSA and the like and a large Defense Policy Board called “the Joint” are all either Dual or Triple Citizens with their American Citizenship a very low or non-existent priority. Actually those PNACers, Top NeoCons and primary players who set up, initiated and then covered up the nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01 were primarily WZ Judaics and Dual and Triple Citizens and all “Israeli-firsters.”

These Notorious Dual Citizens are Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens whose first and only real loyalty is to Israel. The remaining Triple Citizens are Israeli-Russian-American “Israeli-first” Triple Citizens, some of which are also known as the Jewish Mob, the Kosher Nostra or the Red Mafiya responsible for deceiving, tricking, and sex trafficking of young Ukrainians girls to Israel to be sex slaves until they are used up and then murdered for their organs. Stew Webb knows a lot about these Triple Citizens and has identified some of them who are part of the Denver Circle of Twelve Blood Thirsty ones and their Associates and Cutouts.


The WZ Dual and Triple Citizen “Israeli-firsters” that we know who planned, deployed and then covered up the nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01 committed Treason, Sedition, conspiracy to murder, and mass-murder. Those who participated in the coverup committed serious felonies such as: Accessory after the Crime, Obstruction of Justice, Perjury, and criminal and Civil RICO by those who testified in the 9-11-01 Official USG investigation, and then there were some who murdered witnesses committed murder. Those who ordered these murders to keep their crimes covered up committed conspiracy to murder and many more felonies.

No nation of the Earth should ever allow Dual, Triple or Multiple Citizens to serve in any government job, elected position or even to live in their nation. All who become naturalized Citizens or Citizens from any other way should have to take a loyalty Oath to America and renounce any an all other loyalties to any other nation. All Dual or multiple Citizens should immediately be removed from any public office or USG or State government jobs in America. Those who do not denounce all other foreign citizenships or have been involved in proven WZ crime syndicate activities should be tried, and if convicted, deported after they have fulfilled their debt to America in prison.

The Federal Reserve System must be immediately seized by the US High Military Command, all assets seized, and all foreign holdings and personal assets of their Board of Directors and members Banks and Directors must be seized and clawed back and then redistributed to the Americans they have been stolen from. The phony National Debt must be cancelled. All crooked home mortgages must be cancelled giving homeowners full actual title like what was done in Iceland when they arrested the Rothschild WZ Banksters.

All WZ control over American Academia and the Professions of Law and Medicine, as well as control, over the FDC, CDC and all other institutions of Government must be eradicated by whatever means necessary and the effects of WZ driven Malignant Judaic Tribalism must be removed at all levels, and a fair playing ground must be established. No Dual Citizens will be allowed to hold any professional licenses. Any recalcitrant Dual or Multiple Citizen who refuses to accept these new rules must be deported back to their other nation of Citizen ship, no exceptions. Recently Argentina booted out all Israeli-Argentinian “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens. And now the WZs have used Israeli Intel to try and set up President Kirchner who is an anti-World Zionist not an anti-Judaic, with a phony murder the WZs ordered.


And here is the bottom line, and a battle cry against World Zionists (WZs) who are the true enemies of mankind, even Judaics who just are too mind-kontrolled to know it. If you are a Israeli-American “Israeli-firster” or suffers from pernicious malignant Judaic Tribalism, Get the Hell out of Our Country!

We have had enough of your World Zionist Pernicious Malignant Tribalism and will put up with it no more since it is threatening our Republic, our ability to earn a living, our very lives and the future of our children and grandchildren. You are hijackers, thieves, liars, deceivers, pirates and serial and mass murderers.  Take your Fiat Counterfeiting elsewhere, we won’t allow you to defraud us anywhere with your fake Fiat fake money. Yes, get the hell out of OUR Country. It’s not yours and never was.

judaism-vs-zionism1And get this into your thick skulls, you narcissistic “cry-baby”, incredibly selfish, WZ Israeli-first American traitors and self-serving Luciferian Psychopaths: we know who you are, what you did on 9-11-01 and how you did it, almost every last detail, and your will be made to pay for this, all your assets you gained will be clawed back and you will be indicted, convicted and brought to final judgement for your incredibly evil crimes unless you leave now.

The jig is up and your constant lies and crap will no longer work. And We The People are just plain not going to put up with any more WZ lies and your owned and completely Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). Nor are we going to allow you to infiltrate our USG or buy, bribe and pedophile-honey-trap any more of our elected Politicians.

You had a great racket going but you got greedy and went too far both with your nuclear attack on America 9-11-01 in order to con America into fighting more of your wars. And you have gone to far with your Apartheid, continuing massive land theft, and genocide against Palestinians, who are real Smites because they have real ancient Hebrew when your you have none.

And hopefully most Jews who are not rabid WZs or who do not suffer from the very toxic and potentially lethal virus of pernicious malignant Judaic Tribalism, that is, are not suffering from Pernicious, Malignant Judaic Tribalism will wake up and recognize that the WZs misuse of the “the holocaust” and their term “anti-Semitism” are nothing but crafty WZ tricks to prevent any criticism of World Zionism or Toxic aspects of Judaic Tribalism.

And we hope that the average Judaic now is able to see that the WZs are at it again like they did right before WW2, and have started the process of using the top WZ Judaics as Cutouts to do terrible crimes against humanity and Americans, and then exposing these including what they did on 9-11-01 in order to turn the whole World against all Judaics once again, even those not involved in these Cutout crimes (which is most of them). And to you Judaics who are able to process the truth, wake up now, understand who and what these WZs really are and how they use as many Judaics as will drink their WZ Kool-aide fall for their con job to do their dirty work and become disposable assets when they are done with them. Don’t be one of their disposable assets. Distance yourself from the Luciferian incredibly evil haters of mankind and make a commitment to be an American-Firster if you haven’t already done so.

Mike Harris is the Financial Editor of Veterans Today, a radio host, a former GOP Finance Chairman, Gubernatorial Candidate for Arizona, and a Senior Vice President of Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland. Mike is an expert in full-contact mixed martial arts. His long term expertise in such has gained him a lot of respect and the nickname “Iron Mike”. Mike was a part of the Veterans Today group that attended the Damascus Conference to Combat Terrorism and Religious Extremism. Mike gave about twenty five televised interviews that were broadcast to millions of viewers in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Iran. In these interviews Mike emphasized and supported the historical declaration by Keynote Speaker, Veterans Today Senior Editor and Chairman Gordon Duff that the real problem behind World Terrorism is a large Organized Crime Syndicate.

Now for a little entertainment after dealing with this unpleasant subject that demands attention if all Americans want a future for themselves, their children and grandchildren.

“Stop ” by Guitar and Blues Genius Joe Bonamasso.



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