Palestine takes its rightful place among the Society Of Nation States ….First Palestinian embassy in W. Europe opens in Sweden

The Newly recognized State of Palestine joined the international league of Nations today and opened its first embassy in Sweden. Cementing its recognition as a Nation State, and demonstrating that the Palestinians are now recognized as human beings who have a future in their own homeland . It s assumed that the Embassy will be staffed and equipped to operate as a formal diplomatic embassy. Due to Sweden’s close relations with NATO allies and all European States this move by Sweden will soften the rhetoric by Israel and will n time largely be ignored by the Western Community . n recent years  the relationship between Israel and the U.S> has been strained by poor political leadership within Israels Knesset and the recent suspicions that Israel may have had early knowledge of the 911 attacks and failed to work with U.S. intelligence agency’s that could have prevented them.

From RT News :

The first-ever Palestinian embassy in Western Europe has opened in Sweden on Tuesday evening, the Swedish prime minister’s press service said. President Mahmoud Abbas has arrived in Stockholm for the event.

“Your recognition…should push forward negotiations in the peace process,” Abbas said.


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