Speaking Truth to Power

Truth Out !


I have had this video for a while, but want to post it now. I read in the last couple of days that 65%  of the American public want troops on the ground. to fight Isiis.  These are  difficult revelations by this young  soldier that should give us all pause about this decision.  My own journey to see and understand these things has been rocky.  I have seen, read, and hopefully understand things that before I either knew nothing about or ignored. Thanks to Shaun, Ian and Ed for their teaching. . . .helping my blind eyes, have sight.  I no longer want to be a “Sheeple” and just blindly follow without hearing  all sides.  Repeatedly, we have had leaders who lead with an agenda which may or may not be the best for the country. The election in 2016  is so important for educated voters to vote!   Read…

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